Los Ninos Sin Alma

I never really gave the L.N.S.A much hope in the past, to tell the truth I was seconds away from just getting rid of the whole thing. It was sometime in 2005, when I was going around trying to see what I coudl do with this series, and I tried so many different things. I made characters,  I had locations, but every page I wrote, just didn’t feel right. So, I just tore it out of my notebook and to the trash it went.

I was getting sick of tired of the whole thing, so I put to rest  in the summer 05, I wasn’t even going to touch it. The L.N.S.A was a lost cause, I didn’t want to hear about it, I wanted nothing to do with it. 

Months passed and passed, and around this time I was working on my other Novel, it was around May 2006, when I picked up the notebook, and saw the LNSA there. I was thinking to myself ” Should I give it one more try, or it should I just leave it be.” I took the Novel in my hands, and started to come up with some brand new ideas. I took some pages from my first incomplete Novel ” Act of War” I took the concept from that Novel, into the LNSA. Once everything started to fall in the right places, I just got on a roll, from there the rest is history.

As we speak the LNSA is not complete it’s still being worked on, and will be finished . I didn’t want to end it then post it, I’m a Writer that wants to see where things go, I write bit by bit. And to tell the truth, I’m having the time of my life doing it.

I know some people might say, well, he’s got a lot of nerve to talk about a Novel people haven’t read, who does he think he is, Dan Brown. Of course not, I’m just a writer posting my love and passion, and if that’s a crime then lock me up. Fact is, when I’m 60, I’m still going to be writing and posting, if are alien lords allows us to post, and if my toaster isn’t trying to kill me 😉 



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