Q & A with CTK


Q: How did The Beholder come to life?

CTK:  I had an assignment from a friend to help me get back into writing. I have a passion for photography and the assignment asked for a first person perspective and witnessing two people falling in love in an unusual place. I figured that I didn’t want the traditional idea of love and as unusual a place as I could think, and, it just poured out of my imagination from there


Q: Any hint for the readers, is this a man or a woman in the story.

CTK: Personal perspective and life experiences should fill in the gaps. I just wrote the story,once someone reads it, it’s up to them as to where it goes. The character can be anyone, even the reader, the options are limitless.


Q: Grrr CTK why do you tease us this way ?

CTK: How do I tease you what way?


Q: What’s next for you?

CTK: I’m working on a couple of things. One is out of my typical style, so I’m still trying to piece it together and the other is so disturbing to me that I need the energy to work on it. Which one gets finished next will be handed over to Jesse. He does have some of my older work in hand as well, so, what he does with it at this point is up to him.


Q: What kind of genre would you like to take on next?

CTK: depends on where my mind takes me

Q:  Is it true you read the LNSA before anyone does? And if so, any spoilers and what do you think of the Novel so far?

CTK: That would be true. I’m enjoying it greatly and can’t wait for the next chapters. Jesse is a fantastic writer.


Q:  So, no spoilers, fare enough. CTK, can you see yourself moving away from Short Stories to Novels.

CTK: as soon as my attention span gets….. what was I saying??


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