Taking on the Joker

Working on a fantastic character like the Joker, is a writers wet dream. If you can’t appreciate the character that is the Joker, then you have no place in writing. I’m sorry, it’s just working on someone like the Joker, is the greatest project to work on.  If you can’t find joy in that, then you have no soul.

I think every writer has to make the Joker in their own image. You can try and copy what’s been done, but what’s the fun in that? If you don’t even try to bring something new to the table, then why bother in the first place. You have to try give the Joker a new look, try to make him different from the rest. Change what’s been done in the movies, comics, and try to mold a Joker that brings a whole new look into the Batman Series. 

What I’m doing different with the Joker, is I’m trying to make him come alive. I’m getting into his shoes, trying to think like he would. And at the same time I’m giving him a new background, one that plays no part in the Comic books, or the Movies. I wanted to make my own Joker. Give him a life, a story, and find out what made him become the man he is today.

 I feel like I’m 16 again, trying to put this big bad character in the first page of the chapter, but I can’t don’t that.  A character like the Joker, needs the perfect setup to make his grand entrance, and just throwing him in there would be just wrong in my part. So, I’m holding him out. I think, I’ll focus more on the characters in Gotham, for now. And you have no idea, how hard that is for me to say.

When Batman: Year One launches, I know some people might be wondering when the Joker will take his spot light at center stage, as of right now, I can’t say a word.  You’ll just have to wait and find out. Sorry.

Next Week: LNSA Elements in Batman: Year One?


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