Taking from the Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls) and putting that element into the Batman Year One is a perfect fit. I know some writers don’t like to use the same formula for another story, but I love the small little elements that I use in the LNSA. I think on of my favorites is the phone conversation, it plays off very nice and fast paced. To me, I think it’s a method that hooks in the reader, and allows my fictional characters more freedom to be themselves.

That’s not the only thing I’ve taken from it, another small stuff here and there.  I know, some people might be saying will this read like the Batman series we’ve grown and love. And to be honest, I can’t really say that. Because I’m not shooting for the same old thing we’ve read, I want to throw the reader off, and not to be afraid to kill off any character without thinking twice. Another page taken from the LNSA. 

With the first annual Indie Reveloution taking place this July,  It would be shocker if I didn’t give the reader a little look into Batman Year One. I know, giving some details about what I plan to do wouldn’t be enough.  So, the question is, what will be said about Batman Year One? Well, just wait and find out.


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