LNSA Chapter 1


Hour 1



January 1, 2021


4:00 A.M.


Outpost 1: God damn, I’m freezing my nuts off.


Outpost 2: Shit, I wish I was home. I hate the fucking snow.


Nolan: Will you ladies please shut the hell up, and just report your fucking status.


Outpost 1: Easy for you to say.


Outpost 2: Yeah, you’re inside that nice little building, warming your bones with a nice shot of Vodka.


Nolan: Mmm, mmm, so good.


Outpost 1: Lucky bastard.


Nolan: Back to business, gentlemen.


Outpost 1: All clear on this side.


Nolan: What about you, Ron?


Outpost 2 : Everything is ok. . . . What the hell was that?


Nolan: What’s the matter?


Outpost 2: I think I saw something. Jake, Winslow, check it out.


Nolan: Ron, you okay?


Outpost 2: I saw something move.


Nolan: What was it?


Outpost 1: Probably his ex-wife?


Outpost 2: Shut up, this isn’t funny.


Outpost 1: What? She might be after some child support.


Outpost 2: Go to hell, Dave.


Nolan: Knock it off, both of you.


Outpost 2: Oh, my God, JAKE, RUN! 

Nolan: What’s going on?


Outpost 2: What the hell is that thing?


-Gun Fire Erupts-


Nolan: Ron, what’s happing? Answer me, damn it!


Outpost 2: KILL IT, KILL IT!


Nolan: Dave, do you see anything?


Outpost 1: Holy shit, man, it looks like the fourth of July over there.


Nolan: Get over there as quick as you can and assist Outpost 2. I’m sending back up ASAP.


Outpost 1: Okay. I’m heading over there now . . . Who the hell are you?


Nolan: Dave?


Outpost 1: Oh, SHIT!


Nolan: Dave!


Outpost 1: . . . . . . . . .


Nolan: RON!


Outpost 2: . . . . . . . .


Nolan: Someone answer me!



Underground Base

4:00 AM



” System Failure”

the jarring sound of the computerized voice sent every person in the base into a frenzy as they feared the worse case scenario, unaware of what was transpiring around them.


” That can’t be good.” One staff worker said to another.


” Are we going to die?” The other one asked.


Command Center

4:01 A.M.


Nina Novak, the head security Chef of the entire facility, stood in silence as she observed the technicians (all MIT grads, who seemed young enough to be her sons) as they worked frantically to solve the issue with the sudden blaring alarms. Once again “The

Tech Rats” (a nickname that had been bestowed by the soldiers around the base, for their unique skill of sniffing out problems, just like a rat looking for cheese in a maze. It was slogan which had caught on like wild fire, and ended up being a title for them. One they proudly relish) were on the case to solve the problem.


“The system isn’t allowing me to connect with the server,” the voice of a middle- aged Tech Rat called out. “It keeps throwing me back out.”


“I’m having the same problem. It’s like it doesn’t even recognize us anymore.” Another answered back.


“Just relax, people, stay calm. If we can’t get in the front door, then we’ll have to try the back.” Patrick Ripley, The man trying to rally his troops, was the leader of this rat pack. For a man in his mid-forties, Ripley didn’t seem to show it, he had the spirit of young man, and the face to go with it.


Nina had developed a strong friendship with Ripley. For the past year they’ve been together on the base. Like it or not, she had to admit that Ripley made her life more enjoyable and less stressful living in the cage they called home. There was something about his attitude towards life and his witty charm that attracted her. He was someone she could picture herself with, spending the rest of their lives together, abandoning the dark life she had before. But, for someone like her, settling down was hard to see, it was like the old saying, ” Once a killer, always a killer.”


“If that doesn’t work,” Ripley prepared to motivate his crew, ” then we’ll just storm the castle by brute force. ”



” That’s what I’m talking about, hell yeah!.” Each Tech Rat had a smile on their face, after hearing the leader call for brute force, as the last resort to this issues. And couldn’t help keep their emotions inside.


Nina couldn’t stop staring at Ripley. She was in love with him, no matter how much she tried to fight those feelings. Sadly, her daydream of a perfect life would be cut short, as her radio crackled to life.


“Nina, pick up.”


Nina: I’m here.


Ruzo: Nina, where are you?


Nina: I’m in the commanded center, monitoring the situation of the sudden alarms.


Ruzo: Well, you better haul ass to the Situation Room, right away.


Nina: The Situation Room?


Ruzo: Yup, the General pulled everyone here out of the blue.


Nina: What for?


Ruzo: Beats me.


Nina: I’m heading over there now.


“A girl’s day is never done,” Nina muttered as she left the room.


Situation Room

4:05 A.M


The Situation Room, was the most neutral and highly protected part of the facility. It was cut off electronically from the rest of the base, meaning whatever was plaguing the computers outside this room had no effect whatsoever on them. The only person who could grant access to this room was the same man who was ordering Nina here. His name was General John M. Winters, an old war vet, that was in charge of running this entire facility.


The door leading to the Situation room was guarded by six well armed men who had the capabilities to fight of a small army. The men stood in a straight line with their backs

against the wall, as they had been instructed to do when a trip to the Situation room should occur; such an occurrence took place once in a blue moon.

“You took your sweet time,” Sergeant Ruzo Petrelli said as he walked out of formation.


“Fuck you, Ruzo,” Nina playfully said. ” How dare you walk out of your position, someone needs to have their back against that wall.”


“You’re a cold- hearted bitch, you know that?” Ruzo pulled a cigarette from his pocket. “But still I love you.” He winked at her.


“Is that right?”


“I swear, Nina, every time I look at you, you just keep getting sexier.” Ruzo had the look a hungry wolf as he eyed her from head to toe, looking at her slim waist, gorgeous green eyes, and that hazel brown that drove men wild.


“Is that any way to address you’re commanding officer?” She gave him a cold stare.” What kind of example are you setting for your men?”


“I’m sorry, ma’am.” He put down his head in shame, looked at his men, and said, “Listen up, gentleman. I want all of you to look at commanding officer, Nina, no longer as a woman. She is to be looked at like one of the guys, a very attractive and sexy man. One that

you wouldn’t kick out of bed.” That earned some chuckles from the soldiers and a smile on Nina’s face.


“So, the General wanted to see me?” Nina asked.


Ruzo’s smile diminished instantly. “He’s got Abe, Annie and Yuri in there too. I’m not sure what happened, but, whatever it is, it’s big.”


“Let me in.” Nina prayed it was nothing to panic about, but that wouldn’t be the case.





4:09 A.M


Nolan: What’s going on out there, guys?


Pete: There’s no sign of anyone here.


Nolan: Shit.


Pete: Have you been able to get in touch with anyone at the base?


Nolan: I’ve tried, but no one’s picking up.


Pete: Or, they blocked us.


Nolan: That’s impossible.


Pete: Believe what you want, man, but something is up.


Nolan: Look, just find Ron and everyone else.


Pete: Oh, shit.


Nolan: What?


Pete: We found them.


Nolan: Are they alive?


Pete: Hell no.


Nolan: Jesus.


Pete: Whoever did this isn’t human.


Nolan: Get your ass back here ASAP!


Pete: You don’t have to tell me twice.


Nolan: I’ll try the base again.



Underground Base

4:15 AM


Fools, that’s what they are. Unaware what’s really happing, they can look and look for the problem plaguing the system, but, it won’t do them any good. We have control of everything now, just as Serj planned. These miserable insects will face a fate like none other and I have front seats to this total destruction. The pleasure I’m feeling is like nothing

I’ve ever felt before, it brings a cold, arousing shiver around my body. But, I must wait. They should be here in an hour or two. Then that’s when the party should begin.



4: 20 A.M


Nolan: Pete, where are you guys? You should have been here by now.


???: Hello.


Nolan: Who’s this?


???: The blood of your men wasn’t enough to satisfy my hunger.


Nolan: Who the fuck is this?


???: Perhaps yours will.


Nolan: What have you done to them?!


???: I still have one alive, do you want to talk to him?


Pete: Help me! Please!


???: Mmm, he smells so sweet.


Nolan: You son of a bitch! I swear to God, if you touch a hair on him…


???: I can’t help myself. I need to hear his screams.


Nolan: Pete!


Pete: AHHH!


Nolan: Jesus no, Pete, for the love of God! 


8 Miles off Outpost 1

4:25 A.M

Vladimir Gurlukovich’s sights remind fix on the activity happing a couple miles away from his position. His men all stood waiting for the word to advance, some becoming restless over boredom, all wanting a piece of the action that had been transpiring just a couple of minutes ago, yet they remind on the sideline as two people went to take care

of the troops blocking the path.


Some of them doubted whether the beast named Hex and woman name Ivy could clear so many heavily armed troops, blocking their entrance. The only person who

seemed to have faith in them was Serj, a man who called the beast Hex his brother, and the woman Ivy his sister. It was he who was leading this attack.


Serj stood over the edge of the cliff as if he seemed to scan the area with his pure cold stone eyes. As though he could see what outcome had befallen his brother and

sister.”Get ready to move.” His cold, hollow voice ordered. ” They’ve cleared the path for us.”


Gurlukovish doubted Serj’s order. There was no way two people could rid that many troops so easily. It was impossible. It would be a dog fight for anyone who walked into that minefield. “How do you know this? We haven’t received a call from them, for all we know, they could be dead.”


Serj smirked at Gurlukovish’s responses, he knew his old Russian friend was a hard one to convince. “You must have faith in me ,comrade. I would never put your lives in danger.” Serj walked towards Gurlukovish, standing face to face with him. “Now, I hate to repeat myself, again, get your men ready. Walking through these snowy conditions will prove to be a task for all of us.” Serj turned his back, and made his way down.


Gurlukovish hated to be orderrd around, especially by such a young man like Serj, but ,it would be unwise of him to step on Serj bad side. Only a fool with a death wish would dare cross that line. “You heard him, move out.” Gurlukovish ordered his men, as they made prepared to make there descent down the hill.



January 1, 2021

1:40 A.M


Unknown: Is it this Brice?


Brice: Yes.


Unknown: Oh, my God.


Brice: Don’t worry. You’re safe where you’re at.


Unknown: They might come after me.


Brice: You have my word that no harm will come to you.


Unknown: Thank you.


Brice: What about the project?


Unknown: What about it?


Brice: You think it’s ready for an early field test?


Unknown: Brice, I can’t do that.


Brice: I don’t care, I want it ready to go.


Unknown: You can’t do this.


Brice: Like hell I can’t.


Unknown: Give me a couple more months.


Brice: We don’t have months, we need it now.


Unknown: . . .


Brice: I’m sorry to do this, but, it needs to be done.


Unknown: I have something else.


Brice: What are you talking about?


Unknown: Another project we’ve been working on.


Brice: How come I wasn’t told about this?


Unknown: We didn’t know if it would work.


Brice: What is it?


Unknown: What do you know about the Tree Of Life project?


Brice: Tree Of Life?


Unknown: I’m sending you a file via e-mail. This should catch you up.


Brice: Fine, I’ll take a look at it.


Unknown: You won’t regret it.


– Call ended-


“I love hearing mama’s voice.”


To Be Continued . . .


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