Jesse Abundis, Freeyourself

Author: Jesse Abundis


Release Date: October

Freeyourself is another twist into the Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls) Novel. Giving the reader an interactive novel that revolves around our time, all leading up to the attack on New York City in 2020. The site is run by three people, each one hoping to set the people free from the lies the companies have spread.

The Interactive novel gives the reader a border look into the L.N.S.A world. The website will be giving out headlines about, the companies actives, members, even about those creepy little girls. The purpose of the online Novel is to bring the reader into the outer shell of the L.N.S.A world. Give them a look into other characters, ones that haven’t been seen yet.

Freeyourself has me very energetic. I’m able to dig deeper and expand the world of the L.N.S.A, giving me the ability to take the reader into another story, one that draws away for the Novel. Freeyourself is coming out this October, so prepare yourself for the unknown.


But before I leave you, I plan to give a sneak peek at one character, and there name are the little sisters.


 little sisters


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