Author: Jesse Abundis

Title: Outcast

Release Date: TBD




Outcast is a novel that I’ve been working on since early 2005. It’s been through a lot of changes, especially with the plot. It started as a straight forward Military novel, but I decided to change it, after seeing that the novel was going down a dramatic route. One that hinder the novel’s full potential. The ending it self seem to be a waste of time, so I decided to tear out a lot of pages and I mean a lot. And just start over again.

With the change, I got a novel that seem to jump off the pages. One that I was making my flagship, but I decided to put it on hold for the L.N.S.A. But, as of now right now, I’m going to make sure Outcast first saga get’s released. The novel is two chapters away from being complete. In the meanwhile, Outcast will have to remain in the dark. When a release date is set, I’ll make sure to give a sneak peek right away.


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