L.N.S.A Short Stories

Author: Jesse Abundis

Title: L.N.S.A Short Stories

Release Date: TBD

The year is 1940, America is a year away from Pearl Harbor, and two years away from going to World War II. And it’s in this era where the next L.N.S.A story takes place. Revolving around new characters, foes, agendas, and projects. It’s a huge step back in the series, as we travel 80 years in the past.

Characters like Serj, Ivy, Christina, Winters, and Nina are no where to be found. A new flock of people will helm the series, as they take us back to when the companies began there journey in shaping the way, the world works. These short stories will also shine the light on how the Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls) were born , you’ll also be treated to the group that paved the way for there creation.

You can expect the pages to around 3 to 4 pages long, the stories will be from Phone Conversations, to the good old story telling. There are three stories that have been written already, but, the shorts are far from perfected and ready to be published. There might be small chance that these short stories will see the light of day on December, added along with the rumored L.N.S.A year one Vol.1 that includes all the L.N.S.A published with in the year.

As of right now, you’ll just have to wait to see what happens. If anything new breaks out, you’ll be sure to hear it on the site.


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