L.N.S.A Spoilers

Author: Jesse Abundis

Title: L. N. S . A

Release Date: Out Now


It started with a Nuclear attack on New York City, at Time Square, on New Year’s Eve. After that the reader was taking to Iceland as a base comes under attack by a glitch that plagues there computers. A hidden ploy from the L.N.S.A as they cleared the solders guarding the base, all to reach a weapon called Red Storm, what is this weapon? And why are they willing to murder so many soldiers just for this weapon?

And with the Indie Revolution on upon us, I thought was better time to release three small little spoilers. There’s no harm in that, so if you don’t want to know avoid this page and come back tomorrow. For the rest enjoy!



Spoiler # 1

* The people in the underground base, will be infected by unknown force causing everyone in the base to die, expected for two people. I will give out the name of one person, Jay Ripley.

Spoiler # 2

* Another big attack is planned, this one will take place in London

Spoiler # 3

* Two people from the future will come back into the past, to change the course of time.


Those are the spoilers, I hope you enjoyed.


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