Batman: Year One

Author: Jesse Abundis

Title: Batman: Year One

Release Date: December 2009



If there was one word to describe the mood of the Author Jesse Abundis, it would have to be serious. Taking the franchise of The Dark Knight, is a huge responsibility, but fun at the same time.

Batman: Year One starts off from the very beginning, when the Dark Knight make his first appearance in Gotham City. The city is in shambles, as the Carmine Falcone family is ruling Gotham with an iron fist. Gotham P.D Themselves wouldn’t dare a lay a finger on them, not if they wanted a retaliation.

The Batman Universe has been turned upside down, with a new different outlook, expected things to change, and prepare yourself for the unknown. This new Batman, will see new villains, old villains, or pass villains changed. The newest villain to the Gotham City, will be a character called ” Baby Doll ” A young sadistic murder, who begins to terrorize members of the mob. She goes as far, as told hold family members for ransom. Showing the mob, that they’re not the only one’s with power that can be wield.

To answer the biggest question, every Batman fan is asking ” Will the Joker come out ?”

And the answer is “NO” How can I have a Batman novel, without the villain that makes the franchise what it is? It’s easy, it isn’t his time, adding the Joker wouldn’t make any sense. Like I said in the past, the Joker is a character that needs to come into play, at the exact perfect moment.

I have three new characters that will come crashing into Gotham, that’s not including Baby Doll. And I’m afraid, I’m going to have to leave you at that. But never fear, because you the reader, get a sneak peek at Batman: Year One, it’s a first draft so please enjoy.


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