3-Way # 4

(Guess Whose Pregnant)


Wife walks up behind her husband, and hugs him.

Wife: Guess whose pregnant?

Husband: Oh, God no. Why me, it’s not suppose to happen to me. What did you do you witch, what kind of voodoo did you put on me.

Wife: No, I’m pregnant.

Husband: Oh, that makes more sense.

– The End-


(Awkward )

Two men are standing side by side while using the urinal. The man on the right looks over.

( Man R) Wow, that’s a cute penis. It’s not veiny like most.

The man on the left feels uncomfortable, uncertain what to say.

( Man L) Thank you.

(Man R) Mmm, yeah very nice.

( Man L) I’m married.

(Man R) What? Oh, no I’m not gay.

( Man L) Oh.

( Man R) I just . . . . .

Man on the right can’t keep his eyes off.

(Man L) Can you please stop looking.

( Man R) Oh sure.

( Man L) Thank you.

( Man R) Because I’m not gay, I love woman. Yup, love vagina’s. Can’t get enough.

( Man L) That’s good.

( Man R) Yeah, I’m straight.

( Man L) That’s good.

( Man R) Can I touch it.

( Man L) Get the fuck out.


– The End-





(Caught In The Act)

A young Teenage boy, wears his mother’s red dress, earing, lip stick and perfume

Teen Boy: Whose sexy, I’m sexy. That’s right I’m a sassy bitch.

Boy’s Father walks In

Father: Oh my god!

Teen Boy: Dad, I’m so sorry.

Father: What have I told you before.

Teen Boy: I’m sorry.

Father: The red dress is mines, you can have your mothers blue dress.

Teen Boy: Sorry.

Father: Now, don’t hog the lipstick.

-The End-



3-way Extra

(Your it)

A Mother walks around the park with a baby in her arms. Another woman walking by can’t help notice the beautiful child.

Woman: Oh my God, is that your baby ?

Mother: Yes it is.

Woman: he’s so cute.

Mother: Do you want to hold him ?

Woman: Yes.

Mother hands the baby over.


The Mother Runs off

The Woman looks around in shock and disbelief

(Woman) Jesus, what do I do?

Another woman walks up to her.

(Woman 2) Oh my God, is that your baby ?

(Woman) Well, yes it is.

(Woman 2) He’s so cute.

(Woman) Hey, are you a good catcher?

(Woman 2) Why, yes I am.

The Woman throws the child to her. And takes off running.

(Woman 2) It’s my lucky day. I’m going to smoke you.

– The End-

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