L.N.S.A Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Hour 2




January 1, 2021

1:00 AM

Phone Conversation


???: This line better be secure, Brice.

Brice: We’ve fixed the security problem. We can speak freely.

???: How did they survive?

Brice: We don’t know, sir.

???: How is that possible? You were the one in charge of eliminating them.

Brice: We’re still trying to figure out what went wrong.

???: Someone will pay for this.

Brice: I’m assembling a team to counter this situation before it gets out of hand.

???: It better work. If it doesn’t, you can consider your career dead.

Brice: I shall not fail you, you have my word.

-Call Ended-



5:01 AM


The blood of the dead painted the snow a bright red and the smell of copper loomed in the cold air.. “Are you certain they don’t know of our presence?” Gurlukovish asked as he walked over the dead corpses of the soldiers that had been blocking their path.

“You worry too much, my friend.” Serj stepped happily on top of the corpses. “You must have faith in me.”


“I do have faith in you, it was you who helped me see the light.” So many of his comrades had died, for such a worthless cause. Had it not been for Serj, many more would have been buried in a shallow grave with their fellow brothers in arms. “But how can we be certain the virus was successful in disabling the base’s security system?”

“One, there aren’t any guards surrounding our location. Second, our man inside will make sure everything goes down without a hitch.”

“How can you trust him?”

Serj simply replied, “Because I can.”

Not an answer that satisfied Gurlukovish, he still had many doubts of Serj’s mole. Especially with his tendency to sell out for any price. A reliable man in the field, but how could they be certain he wouldn’t turn on them in a blink of an eye?

“How much further?” Gurlukovish wanted to walk away from this open grave as quick as he could. The pure smell and sight of this carnage brought back an old unpleasant memory that he did not wish to relive.

Before Serj could respond, they heard voice of Ivy in the distance calling out to them. “It’s over here!”

Each man picked up the pace to hurry toward Ivy’s position. Gurlukovish found himself outrunning his troops, and even Serj, just to be the first to lay eyes on the entrance to the base. Only to discover nothing but a snowy field with her standing in the middle of it.

“Is this a joke?” Gurlukovish ground his teeth in sheer anger, feeling like a fool. “Where’s the entrance?” He said, as he walked towards her.

“You’re standing on it.” Ivy slammed her foot on the ground creating a metallic thump “This is where we go in.”

“My lord.” Gurlukovish got on his knees and began to brush aside the snow to discover a metal pad. “What is this?”

“Below that my friend,” Serj’s voice called from behind, “is a shaft that goes many miles under the surface, but, not to worry, we’ll call the elevator to help us get to the bottom.”

Gurlukovish was amazed, his heart began to beat faster. It was a surprise to him to see what

lengths this ruthless company would go to protect it’s most prize possession, Red Storm, a project that he had witnessed first hand, the very same one that took his comrades’ lives. The mayhem it was capable of was beyond anything Gurlukovish had ever seen. After surviving the madness he swore to the lord he would avenge his fallen comrades if it was last thing he



“Should I call it up, Serj?” Ivy asked.

“No, let’s give him more time.”

Gurlukovish quickly got to his feet to protest. “Why wait? Let’s attack now.” Sheer anger evident in his voice

“I understand your eagerness, but, now is not the time. We must wait, comrade.”




Underground Base

Situation Room

5:02 AM


Not a single person in the room knew how to react, after listing to the recorder call that had come in. “Replay it again.” Nina ordered the young man, Kyle Briggs, who was seated to the far left of the conference table manning the computer console.

“Right away, Ms. Novak.”




Recorded Conversation

4:08 AM


Daniels: Who’s Calling?

???: . . .

Daniels: Nolan, is that you? You better not be fucking around.

???: Hi, mister.

Daniels: What the hell?

???: How are you today?

Daniels: I’m good.

???: Mommy always taught me how to be polite.

Daniels: Is this a joke? Nolan, that better be you, man.

???: I’m not a man, I’m a little girl.

Daniels: Little girl, how did you get ahold of us?

???: Mommy taught me, like she taught my sisters.

Daniels: This is fucking crazy.

???: You shouldn’t use language like that, it’s filthy.

Daniels: Fuck you.

???: You shouldn’t talk to me like that, Daniels, you always had a problem with swearing.

Daniels: . . .

???: Can I speak with your General?

Daniels: What?

???: General John Winters, the man in charge of the base.

Daniels: No, you can’t. Look, get off this line.

???: Don’t make me mad.

Daniels: Look, you little bitch, get off this line, now.

???: That wasn’t nice.

Daniels: I don’t care.

???: You shouldn’t be mean to me.

Daniels: And why’s that?

???: Because, I can spare you.

Daniels: Spare me from what?

???: From the pain.

Daniels: I told you to piss off.


Daniels: How did you…?

???: I gave you a chance, you’ve chosen your own fate. So be it.


– call ended-


January 1, 2021

Situation Room

5:03 AM


No matter how many times they replayed it, the recorded conversation still sent chills down their spines. Hearing a six-year old girl call out their names in pure hate and demanding their heads was an eerie thing to hear. Everyone the child had called out for was present. All except Ripley, who was still battling with the base computer problems.

” I don’t know about you guys, but that little freak just scared the shit out of

me.” James Abraham, Second in Command of the Security Team, professed. His dark complexion turned a pale white after hearing the recording once more.

“Heaven knows I won’t be spelling well tonight.” He said with a nervous chuckle.

The Director of Science Research, Annie Morrissey, spoke her first words since entering the room. “Whoever this was got ahold of classified information. The D.C. company swore our information would never be obtainable.” Her fingernails nervously tapped on the conference table.

“The caller had to be a fake?” Nina directed her question to the young man, Kyle. “There’s just no way a child could bypass our security system.”

The young man scratched his chin, not knowing how to break the news. “I’ve run every voice recognition test I could think of. I just don’t know what to say.”

“You’re jerking me off.” Nina scoffed, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“The person who called was, in fact, a child. From the tests I ran, she’s likely between the ages of seven and eight years old. I’ve rechecked over and over again, but results are still the same.” The young man pushed a command on the keyboard, displaying the results on the screen.

Abraham looked in disbelief as the results showed a 100% accuracy. “Holy shit, and I

thought I was scared before.”

“So, as you can see, we’re dealing with some sort of young super hacker.”

“Do you really believe that?” Nina asked Briggs

“Frankly, Ms. Novak, no. I’m not even sure I could bypass the company firewalls and encryption without having a hundred armed men outside my door waiting to blow my brains out.” The young man hit one key to take the results off the screen.

“So our greatest threat is a six-year-old super hacker/bloodthirsty killer?” Asked the

Smirked the balding, middle aged man seated at the end of the table. Yuri Sovat was the company’s most valuable asset; a scientist who created weapons to help them fight the enemy threat looming over them. If this company were to survive for years to come, it would be because of Yuri. A man who had created destructive tools for D.C to have at their disposal. To the company, he was royalty.

“This isn’t the time for jokes.” Annie scowled at Yuri. “We have an important matter to deal with.”

“Well, pardon me, dear, But I don’t find a child to be a threat.”

Before anyone had a chance to respond, the old war vet, General John Winters, took action. ” The fact is, people, someone was able to contact us,” His old, raspy, military voice drew everyone’s attention to him. He was the law and order around here, and no one would dare cross his path. It was his job to keep the people and this base safe from enemy threat, by any means necessary. “Now, I don’t give a damn who it was, I want this person caught and neutralized. We know information was obtained, meaning someone inside the D.C company talked, compromising this base and staff secrecy.”

Nina quickly responded “Do you want me to put the men at full alert, sir?”

Winters couldn’t help but grin. There was never a moment when Nina wasn’t thinking like a

soldier. It was the reason they got along so well, two soldiers always on the same page. “Good thinking, but, that won’t be necessary. For all we know now, it’s just a scare tactic to put some fear into us. And, Judging by the look of some of you, it worked.”

“You got that right.” Abraham said with another nervous chuckle.

“Who do you think called us?” Annie asked Winters.

“Were you able to get a trace, Briggs?” Winter stared at the young man.

“No, sir.”

Winters brushed back his gray crew cut hair, placed his hands on the table as he began to address his crew. “You know this company has enemies, people who would want nothing more than its total demise. I’m 100% sure, the person behind this call is working with them.”

“A child?” Yuri chuckled.

“Of course not. Whoever is behind this found a way to manipulate the test. I know some of you are afraid of an enemy attack, but, rest assured I’ve told Daniels to keep a direct line open with Nolan and the troops above. So, if anything happens, we will find out.”

Kyle Briggs interrupted the General with another matter. “Sir, I have good news”

“Let’s hear it, son.”

“I’ve just received an e-mail from Ripley. He’s fixed the problem with the system.” Applause came over the room. ” A minor hiccup was the source of the problem. It caused some programs to crash and set off the alarms. They’re going to run a full scan

on the system, just to make certain no other problems should occur.”

Winter breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s what I like to hear.”

That’s my boy.” Nina happily thought to herself as she heard the news about Ripley.

“Now that’s over, I want the recording sent to Ripley’s team,” Winters ordered Briggs. “I want them to dissect that audio, and have a full report in my hands before tonight.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll get on it.” The young man went to work.

Winters brought his attention to each and every person in the room. “I want everyone here to keep a lid on what just happened. I don’t want this leaking out, is that understood?” Everyone gave a reassuring nod. “Good, now, get the hell out of my sight.”



5:10 AM

Daniels: Jesus, things are fucked up, man.

Nolan: So this creepy girl called you guys?

Daniels: That’s right, and she knew everyone’s name. Even mine, man.


Nolan: Wow.

Daniels: What about you guys? Seen anything strange?

Nolan: Nothing. It’s like a graveyard.

Daniels: That’s good to hear. You guys keep your eyes peeled, if anything happens, call back here immediately

Nolan: Will do.

– Call Ended-


5:10 AM


Niko had to admit, when it came to mimicking voices, he was the best. It didn’t matter

what sex the person was, he could mimic anyone; one of his many talents he had developed through the years. So far, Serj’s plan was going without a hitch, all incoming and outgoing calls were being relayed back to him without any problems. The only issue Niko had was the call that Daniels had received, there was no possible way for anyone to contact the base.

“I should call Serj, he might want to know about this.” Niko said to himself.

“Hi, Niko, remember me?” The voice of a child called out to him.

Niko’s heart froze in sheer terror, he knew who it was, there was no reason for him turn

around. “It’s you, you’re alive. I knew it was to good to be true.”



Underground Base

Command Center

5:30 AM


Thirty minutes and the show beings, I wish I could say I felt sorry, but I don’t. These

parasites deserve to burn, not a single one should be spared from death, if you look at it, it’s poetic justice. And once we have Red Strom, this god forsaken company won’t stand a chance against us.

” Jay ” Nina another D.C. lap dog; she actually thinks I’m in love with her.

” Nina,” It’s time to play my role ” the girl I wanted to see.” Indulge her for a few more minutes, allow her to enjoy her last minutes of happiness, before her death.



5:59 AM


“That’s good enough.” Serj said as he looked at his watch. “It’s time. Ivy, call it up.”

Gurlukovich eye’s lit up like a young boy on Christmas day, his mouth watered over the pure thought of having Red Strom in their possession, allowing him to carry out his revenge. “Load your weapons.” He ordered his men, with his thick, Russian accent.

The metal floor retracted slowly, lights leading down the shaft coming alive, illuminating the shaft a bright red. . “How many guards can we expect?” Ivy asked while her eyes peered down the long widen, shaft.

Gurlukovich’s head snapped instantly towards Serj. “I thought you said we had the element of surprise.”

Serj’s expression seemed blissful, as if this entire situation was a cakewalk, just a training exercise before the real main event. “I’m afraid two staff members keep a close eye on the elevator, which means, they know someone is coming down, someone who isn’t scheduled to come.”

“That means…” Gurlukovich was interrupted quickly by Serj’s

“Which means nothing.” Serj said Confidently

Gurlukovich wasn’t satisfied. “And if they call for reinforcements?”

Serj turned and smiled at his good friend. “Then, this will take care of everything.” He

retrieved what seemed to be cell phone device from his jacket pocket. But something was different, this device seemed more bulky, and much heavier.

“I should ask what that is,” Gurlukovich said. “but, knowing you, it’s a sure thing to take

care of any inconvenient visitors.”

“You’ve got that right, my friend.” The elevator reached the top as Serj’s spoke. His eyes seemed more focused then before. “Ladies and Gentleman, I think it’s time.” With that, each person set foot on the elevator pad. “Hold on tight, children, now the real fun begins.” And so began their descent.


” I love hurting people, it makes me feel so happy.”


To Be Continued . . .


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