CTK Carrico’s Q & A

1. What did you think, of the Indie Revolution?

A: I’m still curious as to what was being revolted against… I felt a little lost trying to knit without any yarn and without having a real language, just a ridiculous accent… sorry, went a bit Mel Brooks there



2. Where would you like it to go, a year from now ?

A: anywhere I can go. I’m no good at planning ahead, so I just see where the road goes and follow it.



3. We’ve heard about the L.N.S.A short stories, and the interactive website, any chance we might see you take hand in these projects?

A: I’m always willing to lend a helping hand where needed and wanted, however, these aren’t my projects, they’re Jesse’s, if he were to ask, I’d do what I could, though.


4. Can you give us a little insight on your next project False Security ?

A: That was actually something I did long before the The Beholder, I like to show things from different peoples perspective


5. Any chance you might take on a D.C comic project ?

A: Again, I don’t really plan ahead, I have been discussing with a friend of mine working on updating Wonder Woman.


6. What comic would you like to work on and why ?

A: I think they have enough of the male comic book characters spoken for, time to move on to some of the women.


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