LNSA: No Shocker

I am a big Christopher Nolan fan, I just the love his ability to tell a classic story and bring a dark tale to a classic series. And he’s outdone himself in with Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight. And I’m also a big fan of his other films Memento, and The Prestige.

And, my story telling does drive a lot from watching the master at work. Which brought the LNSA to where it’s at. If the Los Ninos Sin Alma ever got made to a film, I would hand the hold to Nolan himself.  I even mister Nolan to the LNSA, if you look at Chapter 1, the man on the radio is called Nolan. Yes, I’m that big of a nerd.

That’s the little secret I added to the L.N.S.A, so now you know.


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