Batman: Year One ” The Villains ”

The Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Riddler, Mat Hatter, and Penguin our main characters in the Batman world. Every Batman fan knows them well, they are the heart and soul that drive passion into the comic book. No doubt, many fans are waiting to see all their favorites appear in this first Novel. Seeing how it’s fan fiction, people want to see the Joker, Two-Face ect.

I’ve read the Batman comic books, but I will not sell this project short, and try to fit every villain that came out in the series, in one chapter or Novel. I want to take my time and build each character as they are suppose to. Let them evolve, let the reader see the transformation with their own eyes.

Beside the Joker, another character I’m looking to tackle is Harvey Dent. If you’ve ever picked up The Long Halloween, you would know how important Dent is to the story itself. Not having Harvey Dent, would make the story a little to dull, and as everyone knows Harvey Dent, is coming out in Batman: Year One. He made a small cameo in the Phone Conversation on the 1st draft of Batman Year One that was released this July. Harvey Dent, is a much different man in the  Batman series , and through out the sagas we can see does changes begin to shape the world around him. I don’t want to give to much away and spoil everything.

New villains will be making a splash into the Dark Knight universe, people who have never step foot into the Gotham. One of these new villains will be Baby Doll, a character that makes the Carmine Falcone family,  life a living hell.

I know the Dark Knight is a year and four months away. But, never fear, because in December we’re having another convention, with another look at the Batman: Year One. So, stay tune for more information.

ONE BIG ANSWER TO ALL THE FANS, NO MANBAT. Sorry, That’s just one character the series can do without.


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