Another Project For The Future ” Shenmue “

I have no doubt in my mind, that Shenmue will be the next project I undertake.  If you’ve ever owned a Sega Dreamcast, then you know this fantastic franchise. Shenmue is the work of Yu Suzuki, the same man responsible for the  Virtual Fighter series.

When I played Shenmue for the first time, it was like having a full size Novel in the tip of your fingers. The plot becoming thicker, with each turn. You have this young teenager Ryo Hazuki, searching for the man who murder his father, a man who goes by the name Lan Di. 

Ryo’s path to seek revenge for his father death, will take him down a dark road, with forces beyond his imagination waiting in the wings.  Despite what many people said about the sequel that failed to wow, next-gen gamers. This series will go down, as the most underrated series, it’s the Indie film of games. Sadly, I don’t think the new generation of gamers will get to see  what a power driven story this game was.

I made myself a promise to continue the series, on the behalf of Yu Suzuki. Who later even damned his own creation for not selling as much as the companies wanted to. He called it a waste of time. Well, I beg to defer. Shenmue, is still the best game out there,  it’s much better then Halo 3 or any Madden game.

I will write the series from the very start. And finish the story without fail.  Now, as you know right now I have my hands full, but, never fear readers. I’m thinking of working on some chapters sometime in 2009, and perhaps- now don’t hold me to this- an early 2010 release.

I will keep you updated.


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