L.N.S.A CH 2.2 By: Jesse Abundis

Chapter 2.2

71 Hours Before The Nuclear Attack



Brooklyn, New York

D.C Warehouse

1:00 AM


“I don’t feel comfortable, the prisoner should remain here.” Sam Maxwell bit on his lower lip as he stared at the prisoner through the bulletproof window as he lay unconscious. IV bags packed with enough drugs to knock out an elephant were inserted in his arms to keep him from awaking. “This is a bad idea.”

Melissa Brentwood seemed less concerned then her colleague. “Everything will be fine. The son of a bitch is so drugged, he can’t tell which way is up or down.”

“You’re underestimating him.” His jaw tightened as his sights remind fix on the prisoner.

“He’s not like the others, this one is worse. The moment you let your guard down, that’s it, you’re dead.”

Melissa rolled her eyes at Maxwell. “I appreciate your concern, but, I’ve dealt with people like this before. So there’s nothing to worry about.” She placed her hand on his shoulder “If anything goes wrong, I’ll have him put down so fast, he won’t know what hit him.”

Maxwell felt the urge to continue his protest about this transfer, but decided against it,

there was nothing he could do, it was out of his hands. “We’ll have him ready to go within the next hour.”





Phone Conversation

1:35 AM

Reggie: Yo.

Serj: Pardon?

Reggie: Oh shit, forgive me, Serj.

Serj: How is the operation going?

Reggie: Everything is going down without a hitch.

Serj: I’ve heard an outsider has entered our circle.

Reggie: That’s correct.

Serj: I can’t say I approve.

Reggie: You have nothing to worry about.

Serj: She could be a risk, if she ever spoke about what’s happing.

Reggie: She won’t, this girl has balls, Serj. Widow has taken a shine to this girl as well.

Serj: Isn’t that nice?

Reggie: This girl is going to help us win this war. You can take that to the bank.

Serj: That’s good to hear, but, let me make one thing clear; If she compromises this vital mission, it will be yours and Widow’s heads that will roll.

Reggie: . . .

Serj: Now, I have other news.

Reggie: What’s that?

Serj: We’ve ran into a Little Sister.

Reggie: Please tell me your kidding.

Serj: Have you know me to kid around.

Reggie: Jesus Christ, those little fuckers are a nuisance.

Serj: We’ve taken care of one already.

Reggie: Where there’s one…

Serj: There will be others. That’s correct.

Reggie: I’ll put everyone at full alert.

Serj: If you encounter one, use everything in your arsenal.

Reggie: I’ve got that covered.

Serj: I want you and Widow to call home within the next hour.

Reggie: Why?

Serj: Eve wants to speak with you both.

Reggie: Eve…. of course.

Serj: Keep your guard up.

Reggie: You too.

– Call Ended-




Fredonia, New York

1:50 AM


” We’ve made it.” Her voice echoes with joy, as she feels the cold Winter air blow through her hair. “It worked just like he said it would.” She falls to her knees, unable to believe what they have done.

I, myself, can’t think of what to say. It’s just so hard to wrap your head around the very notion of it all. Things like this only happen in books, movies, and comics. But, then again, should it really be a surprise on what they have accomplished, after all, they had been working with the great Mao. “I can’t believe we’ve made it.”

“Please, tell me this is a dream.” She looks at me with those green eyes in disbelief.

“We’ve just Traveled back in time. And now we’re going to change things, change the entire course of time.”



To Be Continued . . . . .


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