3-way, i can’t even tell how random that Sketch comedy came to be.  I had someone close to me, who was down. And so I wrote her a joke, hoping to make her smile. It worked, after that, 3-way became a routine thing for me.

So, I guess 3-way was born because of her. I don’t want to name any names, but she’s someone I hold close to my heart and always will.  Each joke, is paying homage to her. Thanking her for making  3-way come alive.

I wrote some sketch comedy ever since I was a kid, I use to write these TV shows/Comedy Scripts, I keep kicking myself for not saving them.  I would love to re-work them and release them, anyway that’s in the past. The last time I wrote a Sketch was around 2002.  Six years,  I was kinda of rusty and nervous that 3-way would bomb right out of the gate. And thankfully it didn’t turn out that way.

People from other sites loved the adult and out of control sketches that were being delivered, of course you always run to some who despise raunchy comedy. Nonetheless 3-way pushed on, and pushed on. Which has led to it’s fifth chapter or episode, anyway you want to label it.  With over 400 views between the five.

The mind set I had coming into this was, lets not be afraid to step over the line. It doesn’t matter what people say, people either love you one day, and hate you the next. It’s the way life  is, you just keep writing and do what you do.  There’s nothing else to it, if you listen to the critics that’s it. You’ll never be able to think for yourself, always playing to them, making them happy.  Sometimes the best work comes out of the blue, even if someone wants to bash your work you stick to what you know.

Writing 3-way was the best time I’ve ever had,  not to take anything way from my Novels. But, 3-way is just one of those projects that you really don’t care how it comes out, you just keep writing and let that whole madness loose. 

3-way was a month to month to project, and heading into 2009, it doesn’t seem that the sketch comedy will carry that same mind set. In fact,  sadly to say this. We might not even see 3-way in 2009.  I love the sketch comedy with all my heart, I just want to focus on the other projects that are coming ahead. My projects are like the ocean, you never know what’s going to be thrown at you.  I am working on two 3-way’s prior to the December to remember 3-way event.  Just don’t know, when those will be released.

3-way will always be with me, and will continue to live no matter what. Sometimes the world needs to laugh, and I hope, I can bring that to you.

3-way we shall never forget you.


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