Jesse Abundis ( Life & Writing ) Pt 1

If you went back in time and talked to me, when I was fifteen, and told me that I would be running a site for writers. I would laugh, that didn’t seem like me. My mind set, wasn’t set on writing, frankly I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Well, sometimes I still don’t, but, I’m more in check with my life.

I think writing saved my soul, it really did. Just something about it that just frees your spirit. I think writers get caught up trying to write the next big thing, that they lose that flare and passion on what writing is really about. It’s never been who can write the next big thing, just write what comes out of you.  If people call it crap, fuck it. Keep writing, never let anyone push you away. You have all the right to write anything you want, you just can’t stop because some people hate it. Carry on my friend, carry on.

When I first started writing, it was amazing you just feel so alive. You have a  different outlook on life, maybe that’s just me. E-mail me if you feel that same way. It’s just a fantastic art, that you can’t live without. You get to set up this whole world, you add the people you want into, and it just takes shape on it’s own. Catches you off guard, your not even sure how it got to that point, but, you really don’t care. Your just happy to see something that you created just take life on it’s own.  It’s that passion that keeps me writing, and I’m never going to see it fade away,  I can say I have nothing left, but that’s a lie. I would just be selling myself short.

……. More Coming Soon


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