LNSA CH 3 ( Part One )

Chapter 3

Hour 3

January 1, 2021

2:00 AM EST

Phone Conversation

Christina: Why doesn’t this call surprise me, Brice?

Brice: Look, I don’t need any crap. I have a job for you.

Christina: What new war is The Company starting this time?

Brice: . . .

Christina: I’m assuming the attack on New York was another battle for dominance between companies.

Brice: I’m e-mailing you a file. Get back to me when you’re done.

– Call Ended –






Los Angeles, California

11:00 PM


“Julia, he’s heading to the rooftop!” Shouted Nate Keller as he frantically pursued the suspect.

“Don’t let him get away!” Julia trailed two floors down.

Nate’s heart raced with each step he took, every second coming closer to apprehending this shadowy suspect who wore a dark hooded robe to mask his identity. “Who are you? Why does Knight want you so bad? What would he possibly want with you?” Nate pondered, wondering if one person could be worth this much trouble.

The dark hooded assailant reached the rooftop door, only to find it locked. Nate was a few feet away with his gun drawn, aimed, and ready to shoot.

“Do not, and I repeat, do not underestimate this person.” Knight’s advice echoed through Keller’s mind. A sense of fear and uncertainty washed over him as he got closer. Knowing he would soon find out why this person was such a top priority.

The suspect glanced back to see Keller closing in. So in a last moment of desperation, the suspect slammed his fist into the steal door, and with his sheer brute strength, he caused the door to fly wide open. Sending the steal door airborne.

“Holy shit.” Keller faintly uttered in disbelief, wondering who this person was, and what kind of steroids he was using.

The suspect ran quickly, looking for an exit, only to discover the only way down was jumping head first down a ten story building. “It’s the end of the road,” Keller’s voice called out to the suspect. “Put your hands up!” Keller’s aim was set directly to the suspect’s head, his hand and fingers gripped the 9MM tighter, one wrong move and it was lights out.

Julia reached the top a half of a second later with her gun drawn out as well. “It’s over, your coming with us.” Her voice was sharp as a knife, even after running all those steps she didn’t miss a single beat. “Take the easy way out, and come with us.” Her eyes focused on the suspect like a hawk, with her finger on the trigger waiting for a reason to squeeze.


The suspect slowly turned around to face them both, and began to remove the hood revealing to them a seventy-six year old man, but the strangeness had only just begun. “Jeez, grownups are no fun.” The voice of a six year old girl came out of the elderly man’s mouth.

“What the fuck?” Both Nate and Julia said in sync, as they heard him speak.

“This was fun, but I have to go.” The old man turned his back to them, and proceeded to run, and threw himself from edge of the rooftop, landing head first onto the pavement.

“Oh, my God.” Julia walked away, with a sense of frustration. “We had him!”


“Jesus.” Keller said under his breath, as he looked at the carnage below.




January 1, 2021

Underground Base

6:00 AM




Their hearts began to race faster, sweat from there foreheads. Gurlukovich’s men tightened their grips around there AK-47’s as they descended further, each one wondering if they would come face to face with a shoot out with heavily armed guards.

“Try to smile,” Ivy told the men, “we’re going into battle.”



Control Center

6:00 AM


“What the hell is going on?” Tommy O’Neil tried to make sense of what was happing. A second ago the elevator had been called up, and now the console was indicating someone was coming down. “Bob, get off your ass and check this out.”

Bob Williams slowly rose his head from the desk as he tried to fight a hangover, one that had been caused after he and some other co-workers decided to kick in the New Year by drinking until they couldn’t see straight. Not a smart idea, and Bob was finding that out the hard way. “I’m coming.” He said as he managed to walk over to Tommy. “This better be good.”

Tommy couldn’t help notice the stench coming from his co-worker. “Jesus, you reek of booze”

“Just shut up, and tell me what’s wrong.”

“Well, someone is coming down the elevator.”

Bob rolled his eye’s at Tommy. “And?”

Tommy drew out a clipboard with a chart of the scheduled arrivals. “No one is suppose to come down today.”

“It’s just routine, there coming down to check things out after those fucking alarms went off.” Bob began to scratch his stomach, but stopped half way as he felt the extra pounds he had put on this holiday season.

“It doesn’t make any sense, Abe would have called to notify us.”

“Your making a fucking mountain out of a molehill. . .” Bob froze dead in his tracks as the elevator reached it’s destination, armed with people holding AK-47’s and M-40’s over their shoulders.

“What the hell is this?” Tommy asked wondering if this was a joke.

“Call for backup, now!” Bob shouted at the top of his lungs.


Hidden Base

6:00 AM

Gurluckovich was awestruck, the entire thing looked like some futuristic space corridor. He couldn’t help praise what beauty had been created so far below the surface. He realized his amazement would be cut short when he notice the two men in the control booth running to set the alarms off.

“Serj!” Gurluckovich pointed to the two men racing to call for reinforcements.

“I hate these rodents, how they make me sick,” Serj bitterly said, “allow me to take care of this.” his excitement showed in his deviant smile.

Ivy enthusiastically clapped her hands like a child as Serj pulled the device from his pocket. “Get ready boys and girls, the show is about to begin.”

“That’s it, warn everyone.” Serj, pushed a short sequence of numbers. “And now, the screams begin.”


Hidden Base

Base Barracks

6:00 AM


“We’re not sure who the caller was, but, we think it might be someone from a rival company trying to rattle our nerves.” Nina was laying on the bed explaining to Jay, who was sitting at the edge of the bed, what happened. “I still can’t wrap my head around it all, but, one thing is for sure, that little girl freaked me out.” Nina could tell something was wrong with Jay, his mind seemed to be somewhere else. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Jay nervously tapped his fingers on his knee.

“I know you too well, something is. . .” A sharp blinding pain tore through Nina’s chest, her body began to tremble uncontrollably. Her head began to pound, her vision began to blur. “Jay !” She managed to shout, pleading for him to rescue her.

“It worked.” Jay got up from the bed, turned to look at her with a devilish grin. “I guess you don’t know me that well after all, Nina.”

“No, please, tell me it’s a lie. Not you, Jay.” She refused to believe this was the same man. “Please Jay.”


“You stupid bitch.” Jay leaned in to look her dead in the eyes. “I never loved you, it was all a game.”

Every ounce of her wanted to tear his heart out, but the pain was too much to bear, she couldn’t do anything. “You’ll pay for this.” Her final words before blanking out.


Hidden Base

6:01 AM

The screams and cries and pleas for mercy could be heard all over the base, people not knowing what was happening, some began to bang there heads against the walls hoping they could stop the madness, others began to rip the flesh from their arms, ” can feel it, something is under my skin.” They screamed. “Make it stop, please make it stop.” Some were drove to extreme measures as they attacked others just to stop the screams of their friends and fellow employees, beating them to a bloody pulp, until they stopped moving.


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