LNSA CH 3 ( Part Two )

Hidden Base

6:01 AM



Gurlukovich witnessed the two men inside the control booth begin to tremble and scream in agony. The heavyset gentleman began to grab his chest as though he was trying to keep his heart from bursting out. The skinnier man began to slam his head repeatedly on the steal door, hoping to stop the pain he was experiencing.


A second later it was over, both men stopped moving, dead silence. Gurlukovich, was left speechless as to what he had just witnessed, while Serj and Ivy proudly continued to smile. The silence was interrupted with the crackle of the radio.


6:01 A.M

Jay: You guys ready?


Serj: Yes.

Jay: I’m overwriting the lock on that door. Give me a second.


-Call Ended-


Serj stepped away from the elevator, taking in a deep breath, enjoying the moment of victory, his blond hair seemed even brighter, as he basked in his success. He held his arms wide open as the door began to retract. “What did I tell you?” He turned to Gurlukovich with a grin across his face. “Have faith in me, and I will lead you to the promise land.”


“What did you do to them?” Gurlukovich pointed to the men in the booth.


The blonde haired devil walked up to Gurlukovich, and placed his hands on his shoulders, squeezed lightly, while holding that devilish grin. “You see, my good friend, each of these little parasites had something inside them.”


“What?” Gurlukovich stared into his dark, hollow eyes.


“How familiar are you with nanotechnology?”


Gurlukovich had no idea what Serj was talking about. “Nano. . what?”


“Nanotechnology is the greatest creation since man created the Firearm.” He chuckled hysterically. “These beauties are called Nanomites, small little buggers that can be injected into the blood stream. It’s inside the body where these little machines work there magic.


Once inside, they are able to repair any broken blood vessels, heal damaged cells, and so fourth. Nanotechnology works wonders. You’re able to have real time status on every worker on the base. Are they sick? Do they have health problems? It keeps the company informed. And,” His eyes became darker then before, “they also let you keep control of the animals that work for you.”


“This is insane.”


“Insane, no. This ruthless company injected these machines into the bodies of there loyal employees, without them even knowing.”


Gurlukovich didn’t know what to say. “How? ”


“Must have tricked them with some phony bologna story about an inoculation. But I have to tip my hat to them, what better way to keep your prized possessions safe,” his smile diminished, “then by keeping a fail switch on them. At the first sign of any rebellious activities, and you end up like them.” He pointed to the two dead men in the booth.


Gurlukovich couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “If this is true, the only all this could happen, is if you found a way to. . .”


Serj finished Gurlukovich sentence, “tap into the signal.” He tapped his hand gently on the device through his pocket and had to thank it’s creator for such a fine piece of work. “It took time, but we found a way, and once we did, we knew this was going to be a cakewalk.”


As Serj began to walk away one of Gurlukovich men spoke out. “Then why do you need us?”


Serj answered without turning back. “Because, like you, we have the same goal, eliminating this company once and for all.”


Phone Conversation

11:03 PM

Keller: Don’t you pin this on us!


Jerome: You fucked up, it’s as simple as that.


Keller: Go fuck yourself, and tell Knight he isn’t paying us enough to handle this type of shit.


Jerome: Tell him yourself.


Keller: Tell me where he is, and I will.


Jerome: Look, calm down, don’t do anything your going to regret.


Keller: What do Julia and I do?


Jerome: Get back to the safe house.


Keller: Got it.


– Call Ended-



2:03 AM


LS: Can we play now?


LS 2: Yeah, we want to play.


LS 3: Let us play!


Mother: Okay my children, go have your fun.







Hidden Base

6:03 AM

Jay’s fingers moved like lighting as he worked to unlock the lower level floors, which mysteriously locked themselves up. “Some fucker must have had time to lock these down.” He spoke to the dead body seated beside him with a bashed opened head, it took Jay a second to realize it was an old friend of his.


The bodies of his co-workers laid across the command center, some slumped against their chairs, others on top of one another, hands remaining tight around the throats of their dead colleagues, hands covered in blood, from beating their victims to death. Others had resulted to animal like instincts, biting the throats of the victims. A horrific sight, yet Ripley couldn’t help the smile on his face, enjoying the view. “Such a beautiful sight,” he said, chuckling, ” and the smell isn’t that bad either.”


“I love a man with a twisted sense of humor.”


Those gray, wolf-like, eyes, that dark hair. It was Jay’s favorite girl, Ivy. “It’s been awhile.”


“It has.” She looked around the room admiring there handiwork “Not bad, it worked better then we thought.”


“Nothing is going to stop us now.” Jay spoke too soon.


A horrible shriek came from the walkie-talkie Ivy was carrying, seconds later the shriek was replaced with the sound of a child’s laughter. “I’ve missed you.” The voice of a young girl came through the radio.


6:04 AM


Serj: It’s you!


???: Heehee.


Serj: Where are you?


???: I’m everywhere, I’m God.


Serj: Far from it, show yourself and I’ll prove it.


???: In good time.


Serj: I’ll slit your throat from ear to ear.


???: And I’ll still come back.


Serj: . . .


???: Just like Jesus.


Serj: The son of God?


???: Heehee.


Serj: Show yourself!


???: Soon.


-Caller Hung Up-


Ivy: Serj it’s them!


Serj: I know. Get over here now!


Jay: We can’t, someone locked the lower level doors.


Serj: Fuck.


Ivy: What do we do?


Serj: Work on getting the lower levels open, then I want you and Ripley back here ASAP.


Ivy: What about Hex?


Serj: We can’t help him he’s on his own.


Ivy: . . .


Serj: Open those lower level doors


– Call Ended-


Serj looked at Gurlukovich’s men. “Get ready for a firefight.”


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