Batman & Isis


Batman: Year One, is due until December 2009 and I can’t express how proud I am on how the Novel is taking shape.  And the Batman series is taking another step into the right direction as I bring in characters from another novel of mine into the Batman universe.

Isis was a project that took place in a fictional city called ” Isis ”  which gives birth to super heroes fighting injustice against the mob. I was hoping to work on Isis, but this was before Batman came to light, and seeing how I wanted to place a new spin on the Dark Knight,  these new original characters seem to fall in place within the story without a hitch. One is Gloria Redfield, a woman that appears in Chapter 3 as a news reporter looking for the story of her career. Her ambiton will take her down a dark road that could cost her life.

I have a stable of character lined up that are ready to invade the Batman series, but don’t expected all of them to hit the Chapter 2, no these characters will come out when the time is right, each one bringing and leaving there mark on the series. Again, I don’t want to reval to much, the Novel is going quiet well and I can’t wait to share my work with everyone.

Batman: Year One  ( Decemeber 2009)


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