CTK Carrico Q & A

Q: What’s next for you?

CTK: I don’t know until I get there. Even with a map, you can still end up in a different direction than intended.


Q: Can we expected to see other story of the same caliber of  False Security & Beholder ?

CTK: I don’t know what you can expect. don’t even know how good those were.


Q: Both False and Beholder have done well in the writing sites. One person asked to see the continuation of False Security, what do you say to that person?

CTK: I like to leave it open ended. Who knows what happens next. Maybe she was kidnapped, maybe killed, maybe just left. It was an aperitif, more to stimulate the imagination than the appetite, the characters fate lies in the hands of the reader.



Q: We know your a Doctor Who fan, would you ever write a story of the Doctor?

CTK: how do you know I’m a fan? I prefer to have the ability to stick to my own imagination so I have the freedom that I like. also, so to not butcher someone elses’ work


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