Indie Writer: Crimson First Q & A

It was a pleasure to do this Q & A with such a young fantastic writer, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

Q: What got you into writing?

Crimson: I guess what got me into writing was my nightmares. Sounds weird I’m sure, but I have horrible nightmares, extremely vivid. Anyways, I started telling some friends about them and soon found out that I could scare them easily with them. I slowly started to write to… well, take the nightmares from my head and trap them on a piece of paper in the computer. Which at that time, I thought worked. I soon found that I loved to write and scare people by telling stories and putting my nightmares on paper. It was an easy way of using all of my imagination and putting to good. Plus, it was a way that I could differentiate myself from my sister who is a wonderful artist

Q: Whose Your Favorite Author ?

Crimson: My favorite author, hmmm…. I don’t truly have one because I love bits and pieces of authors. Like I just love the comedic element that both Darren Shan and R. L. Stine bring to their stories, it keeps me smiling and shivering. Which is also the reason why I love to read comics with The Joker in it because he is the best villain ever, so funny and yet completely and utterly nightmarish. Clive Barker brings a fantasy tinge to his stories that keep me in a place I know, but turns it upside down to almost make me wonder what can happen in the real life. Edgar Alleen Poe can make me look to and fro without using one single drop of blood, or well not describing it. He has perfected that in both his short stories and his poems. Authors can only be as good as their characters, if you screw them up, well you aren’t that great. The villain or the hero, depending on who you are has to be wonderful. I personally think that the villain has to keep my attention (just because I silently love to root for them).

Q: You’re a young writer, where do you see your writing in ten years?

Crimson: I see it much better than now. I guess that is the simplest answer because I still make pretty dumb mistakes. Then again, in ten years, I would love to see at least one of my stories on a shelf in a library or a book store. Whether it is for a buck or anything I would be just loving it.

Q: What’s your next project?

Crimson: My next project is “Ambushed”. It hit me in one of my classes when I surely should’ve been listening. At my school, we have this thing in case there is a crazed shooter that comes, I found it pretty useless. Yeah, of course it is as smart as you can get, but it is faulty. It hit my suddenly, what do you do if there is a shooter in each class , will say, third year of high school. I thought it would be an awesome idea to write a story, each part I go into the brain of one of them. Each have a different reason for doing what they do. Each are kind of messed up, some more than others of course.

I’m also planning on doing a short film with a friend using different fears, some more obscure ones. A silent film probably, but it will be hard be cause we each play a person using surely a hand held camera.

Q: Can you give us some details from your latest work?

Crimson: My latest work is “The Insane Asylum”. I always wondered what it would be if you were a killer in an insane asylum even if you are completely sane. So the story follows Alec Sullivan a guy who killed five people. He had a decision to make it was either jail for life or going to an insane asylum and maybe having the chance to leave. Alec decided to go with the Insane Asylum, but he soon finds out that the place isn’t what it seems. His psychologist has a thing for him and inmates are vanishing into thin air. Soon enough, weird sounds fill the basement of the new asylum and screams fill the air, not the screams he used to anyways. Alec wonders if he is going crazy because of the spot. He befriends a psychopathic schizophrenic and a gorgeous girl with vanity issues. They set out to find what is happening and go into a downward spiral once they slowly understand that the workers aren’t what they seem to be

Q: What would like to tell the readers of the website?

Crimson: Thanks for reading my works of the macabre. My first thought is what scares me and what makes me laugh, I hope it works to make them downright scary and with a tinge of comedy. I hope that my stories will always make you crack a grin while you look to and for to see if the demons are coming to get you.



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