Batman: Year One (Author: Jesse Abundis )

Post Update: Link to Batman:Year One Chapter 1

I’m a huge fan of the Batman Series, ever since I was a kid. I love the fact that Batman is the only character that depends on natural ability and not super powers. The character alone is just amazing, enrich with so much emotion it’s hard not to love what the character stands for.

Then you throw in the villains that revolve around the series and you’re in heaven. Each one having a good enough reason to justify their acts, so at the same time you know what these people when through, and shows you how they came to be. And you feel for them.

In the past, I’ve always wanted to write a story of The Dark Knight, but, I always ended up just putting it aside and not thinking about it. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of fiction. I just felt doing fan fiction was below me, and it didn’t allow me to reach out and form my own ideas. I remember reading other fan fictions in the past, and I saw the same old thing. Nothing new, just stuff that’s been done before. So I wass turned off by the idea of even stepping into The Dark Knight’s world.

It would take me three years until I thought of writing a Batman story, this time I came with a different mind set. I’ve been around writing more, and I was writing Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls) Novel, I remember talking to my good friend about doing a Batman story. She said that was a great idea, and the L.N.S.A really opened my eyes on how I could walk out the line that people are use to, at the same time bring a fantastic story.

When I’m writing, it’s never to please the eye of the reader. I just write, and think of ways where I can take any Novel, putting spins to it and keeping the reader guessing. That’s just my way, I’ve learn to trust myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw a big F U to the readers. Just not my style. I do try to keep you people in mind.

With Batman: Year One, we’re starting from the start of it all. It’s the birth of the Dark Knight as he starts his fight with Gotham against Carmine Falcone and the other Mob Familes in the city. Readers and fans have to be ready, I don’t plan to hand them the same old Gotham they’ve read for so long. I want to bring new life into the series and try not to follow what’s been done in the past. And change the looks of the villains in Gotham, but, also bring new characters that have never been seen before.

Batman: Year One is not due until Decemeber 2009, it’s a long way off. But, I plan to feed you the readers with 1st draft chapters soon. To keep you guys happy through out the year, I won’t reveal chapters that will spoil the fun, but just enough to keep you wanting more.

I know some people will call this fan fiction, but I think I’ve gone beyond fan fiction, and taken this project as a Novel. I have the plans worked out for more Batman, after Year One is finished. And of course, I can’t wait to bring the Joker into the mix, sadly he’s not in year one.

Your Friend

Jesse Abundis


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