Batman Year One Pro-CH 1 Recap ( Part 1)

Author: Jesse Abundis


When I started to write Batman: Year One,  the Prologue was the Harbor scene. It sounded like a fantastic way to start things off. I went back to change it, because I wanted to capture what Gotham was really about. So, I gave a brief look on how Gotham City was, and how the city itself is starting to decay. Allowing child prostitution roam their streets, refusing to fight it. Allowing death to become a  natural order. It’s a dark way to start the story, but you get the feel on what to expect.

Chapter one starts off with Alberto Falcone, a character that I loved in The Long Halloween.  He’s Carmine pride and joy, even though Carmine is a monster. Deep inside he still has that human emotion, which can bring anyone to their knees.  This gives life into that is Carmine Falcone, evil, but at the same time human.

Then of course Batman makes his entrance, when he surprises Alberto and his crew. You don’t get any detail on how he looks like, that’s left up to you. Why ruin the fun for the readers, are good old Batman is  a mystery, as he is to the people in Gotham.

Tomorrow The last part . . . .


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