L.N.S.A CH 3 Part Three – Not Edited –

[ Here’s a nice little look into the next chapters of the LNSA, It’s not fully done and some things might change]


13 Years Ago. . .

” Tell me child, what’s ailing you? ” his white coat, white hair, and the cynical smile he wore, was enough to make anyone cringe.

” It’s the pain Doctor, it won’t go away.”

” Excellent.” He gleamed with joy.


January 1, 2021


6:05 AM

It was a pain he could not rid himself of, no matter how mercilessly he tried. An illness that was thrust upon him, by a company’s ambition to create the perfect weapon, one that would be force to kill, just to seek refuge from the pain. But, no matter how many he killed, it was never enough to silence the demon inside. The screams and pleads of his victims as he tore into them with his katan blade, each one fighting and crying for mercy. Everyone one of them feeding his hunger, but there screams were only a temporary salivation to his disease.

” Will you spare my soul lord, for the murders I have committed?” Hex hands were covered with the blood of his victims, as he laid on keens, talking to the heavens. Waiting for someone to answer him. His ghost like mask, rested in the snow. A mask, that was given to him as a child. One he would wear into battle for years to come.

” Wear it my son, let them curse the demon, let their rage grow towards it. But never you.” Hex reminisced about the day his mentor handed him that haunting mask. His mentor’s dark hazel eyes looking upon him as he placed the mask over himself, and on to his face. ” There will never be blood on your hands son, never.”

The dark circles around Hex’s eye’s, caused by the lack of sleep he had been having for his entire life. Each night waking up to a cold sweat, the deep chuckle and screams from the demon, haunting him in his dreams. Refusing to let him rest. Always chasing him, calling out for more victims.

” Why do you turn your back on me, did I ask for this cruse? It was forced upon me! ” Hex screamed at the heavens, waiting for a response. ” Answer me you coward !” The sound of dead silence.

” If he won’t answer us, then will just have to spill more of his children’s blood.” The cold chill running down his spine, as the demon began to free itself from it’s cage. Fuming the hatred that was buried deep within. ” He doesn’t care about you, to him you’re nothing but a monster. One that deserves to rot and burn in hell, and nothing more.”

” Silence you !” Hex griped the katan blade, that was stabbed onto the snowy ground. Preparing himself for the demons tactics.

” It’s true, or do you blame me ?” A snicker from the demon. ” You had a chance to stop me, but you didn’t. Now, why’s that?”


” I told you to remain silent.” Hex growled.

” You loved it,” The Demon began to chuckle. ” Don’t deny it, you took pleasure in hearing their cries.” It began to strike, hoping to touch a nerve. Anything to set off Hex. ” You could have stop me, but you didn’t. Just admit it, you loved it. Say it.”

Hex pulled the blade from the ground, ” Do you see this ?” He told the Demon. ” All I need to do, is ram this into myself, and we die together.”

” But you won’t. You can never go through with it.” Their conversation was short lived, when an unexpected visitor came walking in.

” You look silly talking to yourself.” The voice a of child called out to them.

It was a voice Hex and the Demon both knew all to well. ” It’s the child.” They both said, He griped the blade harder, knowing what was to come.


Phone Conversation

2:05 AM

Brice: Christina, thank God. What’s your answer.

Green: Christina? Wow, your bringing her back into the mix, ouch.

Brice: What the hell do you want?

Green: Just got orders from the top dogs to dispatch troops to secure every D.C base.

Brice: You know where they are, why call me?

Green: Every base, Brice, that means even the hidden ones.

Brice: Fine, I’ll have one of my staff e-mail the locations.

Green: Is that safe?

Brice: We’ve got everything under control, no one’s hacking into our computers again.

Green: You know what I was thinking?

Brice: What’s that?

Green: Well, if I were running things. This would have never happen.

Brice: Is that right?

Green: That’s right. I’m not a man that let’s these kind of mishaps occur.

Brice: Act Of War.

Green: . . .

Brice: You haven’t forgotten about that mishap have we?

Green: That wasn’t my fault, it was that ungrateful traitor’s fault.

Brice: You almost ruined the company, had it not been for Christina, who was able to clean your mess. And put an end to the threat.

Green: Fuck you Brice.

Brice: And if my memory serves me well, wasn’t that traitor working right beside you for so many years. And you just divulge private company secrets to him.

Green: Yeah, but he’s dead now. And I made things right.

Brice: As will I. I’ve sent you what you want. Now leave me be.


– Call Ended-




13 Years Ago. . . .

” Stop it, make him stop, tell him to stop! ” The guards ran towards the young nurse with her throat slashed open, the others went to subdue the screaming child with the knife in his hand.

” Hold It !” Screamed the Doctor behind the rushing guards, ” You will stand down.” The guards looked baffled as to the command of the Doctor. ” Let her bleed to death, there’s nothing we can do for her, she’s a lost cause. But I won’t allow you to harm such a delicate weapon.”

The guards cleared a path for the doctor, each one holding there tongues as they witnessed the young woman die slowly in front of there eyes. The doctor passed the young black nurse without a sympathetic look, he want as far to utter the words ” You twat.” As she laid on the floor bleeding to death.

The young boy laid huddle in the corner, rambling about a demon. ” It just won’t stop, it keeps talking to me. What does it want, what could I possibly give it.”

The doctor’s grin, grew wider. Enjoying the sight. ” Listen to the demon, what does he say? ”

” Kill them all.”



January 1, 2021

6:05 AM

He placed the steel white mask over his face, as he prepared to do battle. Allowing the Demon to consume him once more. ” You should have never returned, you’ve only secured your death !” Hex yelled at the seventeen year old goth girl that stood in front of him.

” Heehee, still doing your killings behind that mask?” The voice of a child came out from the teenagers mouth.

” And I see you still hide yourself in others poor souls bodies.”

The goth girl smirked, ” To each his own.” She said with a mischief chuckle.

” This bitch drives my patients !” The Demon growled, ” How much longer must we continue to deal with these nuisance.”

” And what do you propose we do?” Hex asked.

” I thought you would never ask.” The Demon took control of Hex, ” Now you deal with me!” The Demon screamed at the girl.

” Do your worst.” The goth said with a half yawn.

The Demon launched the katan sword at the girl, ” Eat this bitch !” the blade flew out of his hands, at the speed of light, guiding it’s way to it’s attended target. Catching the girl off guard.

” Oh shit. . ” The sword slammed into her chest, with half of the blade existing through her back. The force alone was strong enough to knock her out face forward into the snow.


” Stupid bitch, that should teach you.” The Demon walked to collect his weapon. ” And I thought you were tough, I was expecting a fight.” The Demon froze dead in his tracks, as the girl began to move. ” What the hell?” She slowly began to raise. ” It’s not possible.” He utter in disbelief.

The Goth girl smile at the Demon, as she began to pull the blade out from her chest, the sound of tearing flesh could be heard as she pulled out the blade slowly, blood began to slowly drip from the side of the blade as she used brute strength to pry it out. ” This belongs to you.” She pulled the sword out, leaving a huge wound in her chest. Without showing a wince of pain, She tossed the katan to his feet. ” Now let’s have some real fun.”





January 1, 2021

9: 00 AM


” Don’t toy with me !” his screams still tore through her soul, so many years ago and still she could hear his voice. ” End it now, kill me!” And the trigger was pulled, his voice falling silent once more. His blood on her hands, a stain Christina Calanni knew she could not wash away.

For the past ten years she tried to convince herself, that he gave her no choice. There was nothing she could have done, only if he had listen to her. ” You gave me no other Alternative, all you had to do was listen to me.”

” Madam”

The voice of her butler, startled her. ” Yes, Leonard.”

” Did I come at inconvenient time ?” The elderly butler said, without a hint of his age in his voice. Standing very poised at the entrance of the doorway to the Library. Books from Jane Austin, Mark Twain , and many others towered from isle to isles. A monument to the written work of literature.

” No, you didn’t.” She motioned him to come in. ” I was just thinking, what I should read next.” She brushed back her Amber brown hair, taking her sights off the vast unknown and bringing her attention back to the present. ” What do you think, I should read next Leonard.”

The elderly butler began to pounder about that question, ” Why don’t you read something from your past.”

” And, what would that be? ” Christina playing coy, knowing what he would say.


” You were always fond of Dr. Seuss. Never hand any complaints about that.” Still even as grown woman, Leonard still looked at Christina, as the young girl he watched over every single second. The little girl that would follow him around, hanging on to his leg, as he did chores. To him, Christina was like his daughter.

” Perhaps I will.”

” Very good, madam.” The butler knew something was eating at Christina, and he was no fool, he knew what the call was about it. ” Madam, will you attending the party of Mr. Eric Lagan ? ”

” Am I willing to sell my soul again, and help the devil win the war?” Christina’s mind began to drift off again, her mind going back to that day. Remaining silent as Leonard kept talking.

” It’s our duty to stop them. We can’t let the people believe their lies. You and I, we can stop this.” She could here him, the man she killed, a man who wanted to change, a man who wanted change in the world, a man who wanted to free himself from the lies. ” And I killed him.”

” If you do go madam, Mr.Lagan has stated, you can bring only one guest with you.”

” Cancel everything Leonard.”

” Pardon, Madam? ”

” I want the men ready within the hour.” Her response was sharp and clear, ” I need you to get a hold of Natasha, I’m going to need her help.”

” Yes Madam.”

Christina placed her hand, on Leonard’s shoulder as he prepared to leave. ” I need to do this.”

” I know you do.” He said, taking her hand into his. ” I believe in you.”




6:06 AM

Her psychical strength was beyond anything Hex had ever encountered, her speed was remarkable. Everything about her changed, this was much a different adversary. Nonetheless even with death staring down on him, he couldn’t help but feel excited. With each missed blow, he could feel the adrenaline rush through his veins. It was the first time he was clashing with someone that possessed the ability to put an to the madness. Someone who could kill the Demon inside him, even if it meant his life.

The Goth girl came at him with all her fury, her dark eye’s, and the black clothing she wore made her appear like the grim reaper himself. Hex watched as the Demon took advises maneuvers to distances himself from her, but each step he took away, she would come back at him faster closing the distance to a mere inches. Not the exact breathing room the Demon was looking for.

The Goth girl throw a flurry of left and right punches each one coming an inch away from connecting, only to slam at on the near by trees, snapping them in half. The loud thundering crash could be heard from miles away, as the trees fell to the ground.


” That could have been you.” The goth girl proudly said, as her purple eye’s focused on him. Never losing him for a second.

Hex witnessed the Demon attempted to move right, left and side to side. Trying his best to shake off his attacker, but it was no use. It was as if she could anticipate his moves before he could execute them. ” You have us, where you want us to be, why not end it ?” Hex began to pounder to himself, he could feel something was wrong, something wasn’t right with this picture.

” I grow inpatient of this dance.” The Demon foamed with hate in voice, ” It’s time I took her head on.”

” No, your no match for her.” Hex responded.

” There’s no possible way this little runt can match my streagnth.” Ignorance and foolish pride, those were the words coming out of the Demon’s mouth. He refused to see the truth, that he was no match for this one.

” Don’t be fool, there’s no way you can match her streagnth. Just look what she has done, notice something about her, she’s not the same.” Hex, tried to reason with the Demon, ” Look at the wound.” He pointed out to him, ” It’s healed, it’s completely healed.” And it was clear as day, the wound of the blade had vanished. ” They’ve found a way to regenerate.”

” Silence you.” The Demon order, ” This my battle not yours.”

Hex was amazed at himself, all this time he wanted the Demon to die, and here he was trying to plead with him to reconsider his actions. For what reasons possessed Hex to do so, was even beyond him. ” Don’t cloud your judgement with your stubbornness. See the truth, don’t look what’s in front, see beyond that !” A plead that fell on deaf ears.

” Spare me, you coward. This little bitch is no match for me.”

The goth girl chuckled as she heard Hex and the Demon argue. ” That’s some cat fight you two girls are having. One wants to take me head on, and the other doesn’t.” The goth girl quickly broke away from her attack. Giving the Demon a large amount of distance. ” This should make things easier, now what will it be?”

” Why ?” They both utter, baffled at her decision.


Underground base

6: 07 AM

Even the mightiest of giants come crashing down from the heavens, only to become simple mortals. Leaving them naked and vulnerable. So to Serj, it came to no surprise as the only man not to be infected by the namomites, walking like a scared child holding the gun that was pointed at his head. ” The mighty General John Winters, ” Serj said, as he appeared from the corner of his eye. ” It’s been a long time hasn’t it, what was the last mission we both worked on?” He only pounder that question for a second ” Oh well, that’s not important. It looks like your on a one man crusade to rescue the base, so why don’t you run along, and let the grown ups have some adult time for themselves.”

Gurlukovich men laughed at Winters, as his hand terrible to steady his aim. Winters felt like a lamb walking into a lions den. ” This is no joke, I want all of you to drop your weapons.”

Serj gave a look at the old General, that it made Winters flinch. ” You still here ?”

” I’m ordering you to surrender Serj.” It was a stupid request, Winters was better off hiding.

Serj was growing frustrated with Winters, and he had other pressing matters to attend to. Luckily someone had arrive to deal with this matter. ” Oh, good. Ivy, please take care of this.”

Before Winters could react, he felt the soft hands of a woman, place her palms to the side of his head. In that simultaneous second, those soft hands of an angel began to crush into his skull. The blinding pain was enough to cause Winters, to drop the gun from his hand. He fought to pry his attackers hands away, but it useless attempt, the harder he fought, the more pressure was applied. Seconds later, he could feel the blood begin to seep from his eye sockets. He could hear the inside of his skull begin to crack, the pounding, his mind beginning to wander, the darkness surrounding him, the pain fading away. Soon it was over.

Serj brought his attention to Ivy, who refused to relinquish her grip from Winters crushed head. ” I think he’s dead my dear.”

Ivy tossed Winters dead cold body aside. ” Serj . . .” The words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

” What happened?” He could see it in her eyes.

” It’s gone.”

” What’s gone !” He shouted at her.

” We got a feed on Red Strom, it’s gone, there’s not a single trace of it.”




6: 07 AM



The cold breeze, the gentle sleet of snow coming down from the sky, covering the dead bodies that laid scattered around the snowy grave. There standing in the middle of it, was an angry Demon, one who felt the need to disembowel the young girl laughing at him in the distances . ” She mocks me,” He wiped the blood away from the Katan blade , with the cloth of his clothing. His eye’s staring down his target. ” Like I’m a fool, I won’t allow this.”

The Goth girl couldn’t contain the smirk on her face, as she saw the Demon begin to twirl his blade, demonstrating his abilities to her. She needed no proof of that, she had witness the Demon capabilities first hand, two months ago in Tokyo, Japan. Her sisters had no chance, they tried to fend him off, but he overpowered them. Tearing into them, she could still hear there cries for help. How she tried to intervene, putting herself between him and her sisters. But it was no use. She tried tracking this Demon more then once, facing him more then one occasion, only for him to slip away. ” Not this time.” She muttered under her breath.

” For once in your life think !” Hex shouted at the Demon, ” Something isn’t right here, all this seems wrong.” Only to brush aside.

” It ends here for you !” The Demon pointed the sword to the girl.

” Funny, I was thinking the same thing, but for you !” She dug her feet into the ground preparing to run straight head on to him. ” Ready or not here I come.”

Demon motioned her to come. ” Show me what you got !” She came at speeds far greater then anyone had seen, the sheer force, was strong enough to lift the snow off the ground. Her eyes focused on the Demon, or where they?

In that split second, something in her sight shifted, it was only visible for a nanosecond. But it was enough to set the alarms off for the Demon. His hands were tightly grip around the sword, his keens bent, waiting for her to come. Still his mind, went back to that one look. That faint stare, as though she was concentrating on something beyond him. ” What were you looking at? ” Demon asked, and his questioned was answered.

” Me !” He heard the voice of another child call from behind. He felt the hard right punch of his attacker, strike at back of his kidneys. Causing him to arch his back up. The worst was yet to come, as the Goth girl was baring down on him.

” Nicely played.” The Demon admire the well executed plan. The goth girl, would keep him busy, keeping him focus on one target. While the other makes her way behind him, the classic sneak attack.

” Now it ends !” The Goth girl shouted like banshie, as she was inches away, pulling her arm back. Setting up for the final blow.

” Fuck me.” The last words to escape the Demon’s mouth, as the final blow was delivered square into his chest. The blow was strong enough to crush into his chest cavity, collapsing his chest onto his heart. Putting the madness to an end.

Is this, how it ends for me? . . . . .




Underground Base

6: 10 AM

” I swear man, I didn’t see anyone take it. If they schedule something, I would have know.” Jay Ripley stammered, as he paced back and fourth. Fearing Serj might begin to question his character, and begin underground with a man capable of tearing you from limb to limb, wasn’t putting Jay’s mind to ease. ” I swear on my life Serj, I had nothing to do with this.”

” Mr. Ripley, if I couldn’t trust you to being with, you wouldn’t be alive right now.” Serj brushed by Ripley, noticing Gurlukovich was missing. No doubt, looking for answers to there mystery. ” The Person behind this is . .”

The entire room fell into darkness, with the blast of an eerier echoing voice. ” You’ve been a naughty boy Serj.” The sound of the young girl, with hint of madness in her voice. ” It’s time you and your friends had a timeout.”

The emergences generators kicked back in, with the voice falling silent. ” What the hell just happened? ” You could the sheer panic in Ivy’s voice.

” It’s seem are little psychotic friends, have decided to keep us down her like rats.” Serj began to chuckle, one would wonder, if it was out of fear. ” Clever little witches, they had this planned from the start.” He applauded, knowing very well they could hear him.

” But , the generators kicked in, and I could try to override the computer.”


Serj waved Ripley off. ” Save your breath, and energy your going to need it.”

” What do we do ?” Fear was something new to Ivy, one that did not suit her well.

” Now we wait.” Serj simply replied


Phone Conversation

2: 35 AM


Brice: Christina, I’m glad to hear from you.


Christina: You have my assistance.

Brice: Thank you.

Christina: But, under one condition.

Brice: Anything.

Christina: I want back in the company.

Brice: Done.

Christina: Full access.

Brice: Done.

Christina: It’s time, I get to work.

Brice: That’s what I like to hear.

– Call Ended-


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