Sneak Peek To the L.N.S.A CH 3.2

[ This chapter of the LNSA isn’t fully done, it’s still in the works and needs re-editing. But  what’s the fun of holding things back. So, I bring to you the next LNSA chapter, enjoy. ]


70 Hours Before The NY Attack

Chapter 3.2


New York City

Patty’s Pub

2:00 AM



Bert couldn’t help but snicker, at this friend Paul as he rambled on about his conspiracy theories. After a long day at the office, Bert wanted nothing more then to enjoy the cold beer he was holding in front of him. It was kind of hard to relax and enjoy the moment, when Paul kept rambling and the smell of someone’s cigarette was filling the air.

” I thought there was a no smoking policy here ?” Bert asked the bartend, a female in her thirties, with a so and so face, but breast that would make anyone hot under the collar. Bert couldn’t help wonder if they were real.

” My eye’s are up here hon.” She snapped at Bert, for ogling at her chest.

Bert couldn’t help feel like a fool and a tad embarrass for being caught red handed. ” I’m so sorry.” He quickly apologized.

” Don’t sweat it, it happens all the time. They give me good tips.” She turned her attention to the person in the back, ” Hey genius, there’s no smoking here, either put that out, or get the hell out !” Strong lungs for such a small woman.

Bert was amazed, Paul was still rambling on. What about was still unclear, he had fazed Paul out halfway towards the bar. ” Every war, and disease is created by them. Were just pawns, nothing else but fucking pawns. I mean Jesus, what’s the point living.”

” Jesus Christ, Paul, would you listen to yourself,” Bert was fed up with this nonsense of conspiracies. ” What’s the point of living, are you insane? You have to stop reading all that conspiracy bullshit on the net. It’s rotting your brain.”

” A reliable source said that there’s a group called the Wise Men,” Bert chuckled at Paul as he explained the mysterious forces that were out there. ” I’m telling you, the Wise Men are behind everything. World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, 9/11, Iraq War, and the Iran War. These guys are the one’s in charge of the entire madness that plagues this world.”

What came next shocked Bert the most. ” No you’re wrong, it’s not the Wise Men, it’s the Dragon Corporation whose behind those wars.” The female bartender step into the conversation.

” Your kidding me ?” The words slip from Bert’s mouth, he was dumbfounded.

” No, it’s true.” She grabbed a beer for herself and began to educate them. ” The Wise men have been in a constant struggle to over take territory dominated by the Dragon Corporation. . The D.C company has been able to matin it’s dominance over the entire globe for lord know’s when. The Wise Men are formed from ex members of the D.C, who want nothing more then the total demise of the D.C.”

Another man standing behind them caught wind of there conversation, a young man with a thin receding hair line, decided to take part as well. ” Another group of followers. Have you heard that D.C is working on a new project.”

Bert felt like the only sane person, he couldn’t believe they were actually having this conversation. ” Pardon me people, but I hope you guys don’t mind me asking. But, where in hell are you getting this information ?”

Paul, the bartender, and the gentlemen who wander into the conversation. Looked back and fourth, and over there shoulders to make certain no other outsiders eavesdrop on what they were about to say. Paul leaned in to whisper into Bert ear. ” His name is Jesse, I’ve only met him once, this guy has a lot of information about everything. And I mean everything, he use to work for the D.C. Until some mishap, something called Act Of War. He won’t go into details, but he’s only a given a selected few people, those who believe in the cause. Access to his website, I can give you the password Bert, but, only if your willing to let go of the lies.”

” I have to start looking for a new friend.” Bert thought to himself, as he drank his beer down.






December 28, 2020

Something isn’t right, I feel it. Something in the air, and I think I’m being watched. I was able to hack into the D.C. computers this past week, was able to dig a file on someone name Mao. I know a man name Mao, at least I think I do. I know he’s working on a project somewhere in Juarez, Mexico. I need to dig deeper. Keep your eye’s glued to the T.V, I think this project has to do, with the sudden murders in Juarez.

Last night, I was walking the streets, I could have sworn, I saw someone from my past coming out of the nightclub Jinx. I’m heading there tonight, anyone of the believers that want to help, please wait for me a block away from the nightclub. I could use a ride.

Take care followers Jesse out.



New York City

Jinx Nightclub

2: 10 AM


An ominous feeling surrounds this place, I’m not sure what it is. This whole entire place reeks of death, but there’s no dead bodies. So many people, each one dancing to there hearts contents. I just brush back my hair, and just play coy. Don’t want to draw to attention to myself, because if that person was Widow, I’m in deep shit just being here. I know what she’s made of, and she wouldn’t hesitate in killing me. Already tried that once in Beijing, luckily I have more lives then a cat.

That sounds what is it ? It’s a small little whisper, I can hear it, is someone talking. I move closer to the dance floor, I can hear it, it’s getting louder. I move closer and closer, brushing pass by some people. Then it’s gone. I can’t hear it anymore. The only thing left to hear is the loud Techno music feeling the entire room, and with the blast of neon lights everywhere. I made a good choice coming here. Something about this whole atmosphere feels wrong.

” Another rum and coke.” That voice it’s coming from the bar, I’ve heard that voice before. I make my way causally to the bar. ” Hello, some service here, I want a rum and coke. Now.” That demanding voice, I’ve heard it more then once today.

” Coming ma’am. ” The Bartender tells the short red hair girl. I walk closer, I have to get a good look at her.


Jinx’s nightclub

2: 10 AM

No regret, sympathy, or doubt in her mind. What she did to her friends was for the greater good. ” For the revolution. ” Amy said as she drank down her rum and coke. She was about to order another, when she felt as though she was being watched. She turned slowly, it was then when she saw a tall dark hair man, with glasses casually looking her way. The man seemed to notice her, looking at him, and decided to walk away, she was going to follow him when her cell began to ring, she reached into her pocket, and pulled it out. It was Reggie. When she turned to find the dark hair man, he had vanish out of sight. ” Oh well, probably nothing.” Amy muttered as she answered the phone.

Amy: What’s going on Reggie ?

Reggie: We had a slight problem.


Amy: Which is?

Reggie: Stacy didn’t take.

Amy: Shit!

Reggie: What do want us to do?

Amy: Kill her.

Reggie: You sure about that?

Amy: Did I stutter?

Reggie: Not for a second.

Amy: Then do it.

– Call Ended-

” There’s no going back. It’s for the greater good.” Amy said, signaling the bartender for another drink.




Jinx Nightclub

2: 11 AM

That red hair woman, I saw when she came in. With her two friends. I wonder where they are? For some reason she seemed to be on edge, but who I am kidding, if anything is happing it has nothing to do with her, I’m just getting myself worked up over nothing.



DC Warehouse

Brooklyn, New York

2: 30 AM


” How are his vital signs ?” Doctor Liz Yamamoto asked her staff.

” A faint pulse ma’am.”


” Give him another doze, I want him out or dead. We can’t afford any set backs.” They followed her orders without hesitation. Any slip up, and the entire staff in this building would be in danger.

” Is he ready ? ” Liz turned to see, Maxwell standing at the entrance. Sixteen years, Maxwell had been taking care of this prisoner. It was no wonder, that a man in thirties would look like he was in his late forties. ” Were on a tight schedule.”

” Were just administrating another doze.”

” Another doze of what?” Maxwell asked.

” A little bit of everything.” Yamamoto said with a wink.

” Your glad to see him leave.” The look on Maxwell’s face seem to tell a different, reaction towards this transfer.

” I’ve been on edge for the past months, ever since I’ve got here. I know what this thing is capable of.” Her voice, telling the story of a woman on a nervous breakdown. ” The further he’s from me the better.”

” All done.” The nurses and medical staff in that room, seemed eager to distance. themselves from the prisoner as quick, as possible.

” Thomas !” Maxwell shouted at the guard standing in the hall.


” Yes sir.”

” Ms. Brentwood and her team are waiting down in the loading dock. I would like you to informer her, that everything is set. And to tell her men, to get ready.”

” Yes sir, right away.”




New York City

Jinx nightclub

2:32 AM


It’s coming close to closing time and these kids are still dancing, almost like there in trance. I’m not sure if they even notice me walking past by them, something is definitely wrong with this whole place. If these people are somehow being controlled, I need to know how ?

” Can you hear me, hello, hello this . . . . ” What the hell was that, it’s a woman voice she’s speaking to me, I look back and fourth I don’t say anyone. ” Jesse, Jesse, it’s me. . .” Again I can hear clear as day, what’s going on. ” We need . . . . . . . ” She’s gone, she faded like a bad cell phone connection. She knew my name, I’ve never heard that voice in my life. Tonight’s recon mission is over. Time to head home. Let’s see if one of my followers is waiting outside, like I instructed.



Location: ?? ??

Time: ? ? ? ?

She slammed her fist on the table. ” Damn it, I lost him.” she scratched her forehead gently, ” I heard music, sounds like he was in a club. I never pictured him much of a club person.” she reached for the glass of water, becoming a tad dehydrate after searching. ” What is Jesse up to?” She said, as she took a sip.

Her colleague in the shadows, pulled the curtain aside to see the cars parked outside the hotel. ” Can you try again ? ”

” I’m sorry, I’ve lost him. He was never easy to read.” She brushed back her brown hair, feeling frustrated, so close to, and she lost him. Her body was feeling overly fatigued, as though she had ran a marathon. Her body was psychically fit, but tapping into one’s mind, always was a draining process. And her colleague could tell.

” Morgan, get some rest. We’re living here, 6 AM sharp. I can’t risk anything.” His eye’s shifting back and fourth, still uneasy fearing they might be caught by there pursers. ” I can’t afford you getting caught or hurt.”



Phone Conversation

2: 40 AM


Widow: You wanted to talk?

Eve: Yes my sister.

Widow: What about?

Eve: How soon can you carry out the mission?


Widow: You’ve changed your mind?

Eve: Yes.

Widow: Eve, this unexcepted.

Eve: It seems we don’t have enough time as I expected.

Widow: I see. When do you want it carried out.

Eve: New Years Eve, at Time Square.

Widow: Consider it done.

Eve: Excellent, don’t fail me.

Widow: I won’t.

– Call Ended-




Brooklyn, New York


2: 50 AM



I can hear them running around, making a final preparations to take me away from these steel walls, everyone yelling to hurry up.


[ I stop at this part, seeing how I started to work on the chapter 4 and 5. 3.2 does have an end, but I’m still on the wall as to where it should go. This chapter isn’t coming out until February, so you guys are getting a very early look into the next chapters.]


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