What’s Coming For The LNSA ? ? ?

The Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls) are heading into some new paths this coming year.  I have three new series that are ready to open and expand the world of the L.N.S.A. 

1st-  LNSA Online News Article

*  The L.N.S.A will be opening up the doors, as I take them into an interactive news site that circlesaroundthe companies that lurk around the L.N.S.A World. A group of people fighting the good fight to spread the truth, and free people from the lies. This new take of the LNSA is set to release sometime in Feb of 2009.


2nd-  The LNSA Chronicles

*  The Chronicles are set in short stories that head back to 1936, it’s taking a huge leap back and shows the reader how everything became to be. You’ll see those who came before the Los Ninos Sin Alma, the people that gave birth the new breed of killers. New characters, that haven’t been seen before. Beware, these shorts stories will answer some questions, and leave you wondering what’s to come.


3rd-  Human Eye

We’ve seen the people fighting the fight, but what about those just living outside the circle ?  You might see this version late into 2009, more info when the Indie Revolution comes back July 5th.


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