Batman: Year One “ The Dark City “




The verison of Gotham I’m trying to tell is one, filled with hate, despair and corruption. I want Gotham to feel real, create characters you’ll find believable, I don’t want those outrages character like Clayface, or ManBat. They seem – and I don’t want to upset any Batman fans- to dumb down the Batman story.


We’ve seen the dark side of Gotham told by Frank Miller, Christopher Nolan, Jeph Lobe. So as a writer, you have to step outside the box they walked and still try to keep the story interesting to the reader, and make sure you don’t alienate the diehard fans who know the story by heart. At the same time you want to bring people who haven’t read the story, all in on, you have to make sure the story is good enough for anyone.

Batman Year One is the retelling of the Batman, as he fights the mob that have claim Gotham for themselves. I know people are wondering what big name villain will we see? One person I can rule out is the Joker. Everyone know’s he’s the finest villain that pushes Batman to his limits, making him the logical response to the Dark Knight. I’m also creating new characters that haven’t been seen, and shaping old ones to fit the mold of my version.

With the Indie Revolution coming in seven months, I plan to release another chapter of the rough draft random chapters. Small teasers to grab your attention before the release date on December 2009. Until then you’ll have to wait, I’ll be keeping you posted with new details and characters.


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