Jesse Abundis ” What Came Before Batman: Year One “




Before I created Batman: Year One, there was a different verison. It was called ” The Birth Of The Batman ”  the story brought us a young teenage Bruce Wanye about to head to college, and ready to leave the nest of his father and mother.  Young Bruce is a very skilled young man in martial arts, and loathes the mob that has taken control over Gotham. It’s this that forces young Bruce to push away from Gotham and never return.

His father Thomas is at work, trying to battle  the poverty and take a stand against the mob that is driving Gotham to it’s knees.  His mother Martha, is a psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum were she meets a young Joker.

Thomas Wanye is murder in front of Bruce’s eye, his rage leads him to dawn the mask and rid Gotham of the mob once and for all. But while taking up this battle he meets with a manic calling himself the Scarecrow , who is hoping to take control of the streets.

The story never made it to page,  it only went through the planning stages. My reason for not perusing ” The Birth Of The Batman ” was due to the lack of a story line that I could generate from it.  This novel seemed fit for one book and nothing more. Batman: Year One holds so much in depth storyline, and it’s not because the title is Year One, which the reader  expects to see Year Two.

I had almost forgot about this first incarnation that came before Year One,  I thought it would be a treat for all to see.  It’s always fun hearing what steps a writer took until they found the right pattern to their story.

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