Jesse Abundis ” How I feel & And My Golden Rule “

For me, writing will always be the lifeblood that drives my soul.  I know by next year, or when I’m 80 years old, I’ll still be writing. It’s just  a passion that won’t die, I thrive off it. Asking me not to write, is like asking someone not to breath.

I think without it, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. In my own strange way, I crave writing like it was a sexual delight. When you find yourself in the zone, and you can’t put the pencil down you’ve hit nirvana. You can try to describe how that sensation feels, but,  words seem to fail to capture the true raw emotion that it had on you.

Writing is like being with someone, you need to feel comfortable doing it.  You shouldn’t feel shy or deny yourself of the passion, just because what other people might think. You need to be able to shout to the world, and not fear when people  look at you.

I have this golden rule for myself, I will never write a story that doesn’t have any emotional attachment with me.  I’ve had those short stories in the past, that I didn’t really care for, and to be honest knew that they wouldn’t do much.  I’ve learn to work on the projects that will keep me coming back each day for more, and with the projects like ” Batman Year One, LNSA , Doctor Who I feel that.”


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