The LNSA Future

When I started to write the L.N.S.A I never quite saw it going further then the pages I started writing for it. In time, the novel itself grow into this world that held so much life and story. The first draft I wrote of the L.N.S.A was so terrible that I pulled the whole novel out of production. I just didn’t see it going anywhere, it took nearly a whole year until I went back to work on the L.N.S.A. But this time, I had the right formula. From then on, I never looked back.

The future for the L.N.S.A looks bright, there are so many missing gaps of the story that need to be told. The L.N.S.A novel isn’t big enough to hold it all, and that part creeps me out in a good way. I feel like a kid on Christmas day.

I know some people say, well how far can you push the L.N.S.A until people get sick of it, or just grow tired of the franchise. I’m not a bullshiter, pardon my language, but it’s not in my nature to force something down the throat of the reader. If I’m writing a new Novel of the L.N.S.A and find out it’s not going anywhere, I guarantee you won’t see the light of day of it.

At this year Indie Revolution, I plan to give the readers a clear view where the L.N.S.A will progress down the future. In the mean time, I know we haven’t seen the newest chapters of the L.N.S.A, the reason for that is, that I’m working on progressing enough chapters, so you don’t have to be waiting so long for the next chapter. Chapter 3 will be released on April 1, and no this isn’t an April fools joke, I promise. Till then, take care readers.


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