Lockdown By: Angela Alsaleem

Author: Angela Alsaleem

Story: Lockdown

This story is the most suspense driven work I’ve seen, and all in a few pages. Lockdown shows us the dark side of the moon, and baby I don’t want to come home. Angela Alsaleem, has written the finest hidden treasure that you’ll ever read. This story is not for the kitties, so children divert your eyes, DIVERT I SAY!

Will you be let down, or disspaintoied how it ends? If you’re a fan of the dark stuff, then you won’t. But if you do love a happy ending where people kiss and hug, then look elsewhere. Nonetheless, this is a must read. A story about a mad house, with a craze inmate on the lose, and carnage!!! need I say more?

Rating 5 out of 5

Link To Lockdown


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