The L.N.S.A

Act of War, was the life giver that made the Los Ninos Sin Alma ( The Children Without Souls ) life. If I hadn’t wrote Act Of War when I was sixteen, I don’t think we would ever see it come to light.  Act of War was filled with so much mystery, and it was first time when the ” Company ” was mentioned.  It has this young man, name Mao,  running for his life away from this company.  It was the very first novel I wrote, it opened my eyes on what kind of world I could create.

I never did finish the Novel,  the reviews and views where masses. But I felt that I was loosing where the story had to go, so I pulled away. I tired so many other times to bring the LNSA back. It just failed, no matter how many times I worked hard to reestablish it. 

Years later I brought a new novel into focus, it was called the Los  Sin Alma. I was having troubles finding a way to tell this story,  I had some prepared ideas outlining what the novel might look like, all inside my head. It was starting to feel like a project that wasn’t going to head into the vault and never resurfaces.  It was a huge let down, I know this novel had so life to it. Maybe a faint glimmer, it still had something that kept me from tossing it out.

It took around one year, when this new idea came to mind. The New Year’s Eve plot, that had me writing again, making me want to find the perfect formula to pour my soul into this.  The prologue is a story in itself, I was fighting with myself, if it should be written in standard form, or the phone conversation method I was playing with. For some writers it would be a non issues, but I fought with myself for like a month until I went with my gut. 

Once it was over,  I knew that the L.N.S.A could not be just a simple novel , I would be selling myself to short.  I remember using the same company in the L.N.S.A, and one another short story I wrote would just seal the deal for me.  Around 2005  I wrote  SN, I don’t want to revel what SN stands for, because I do plan to relaunch it as another Novel down the future, and it would ruin the fun for you guys. Anyway,  it was the way the story fell so well inside the L.N.S.A world, that I threw Act Of War, SN, into the world of L.N.S.A

It’s made this novel, into the greatest undertaking I have ever put on my shoulders. And I’m thrilled, I love a project that will keep me invested. I know the day, the L.N.S.A comes to an end I’m going to cry a river of tears. This novel has become a part of me, and I want to leave it to the people that will continue to live even after I’m six feet under.  My gift to the world.

I knew, that if this story, had to be told and would be told, how I wanted to see it.  And I’ve done that with each project I take on,  and it brings a real joy on my face to see that the L.N.S.A has grown to what it is today. 

We’re way far off to see this Novel end, and maybe then I can go deeper in depth with each character. Telling you would be spoiling the fun, and like my dear wonderful friend Christina would say,  spoilers are no fun.


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