Batman: Year One ~ Details soon to be reveled

Some people might be wondering how Batman: Year One is turning out. And I can say it’s getting the treatment, respect, and dictation it deserves. Last year, I couldn’t go much into detail what the story is really going to look like, but with only seven months to go before it’s release date. That changes this year at the 2nd annual Indie Revolution, I finally get more into detail, and talk about some of the characters, and how Batman: Year One plans to play out.

I was worried that how this was my first fan fiction, that I might have trouble getting off the right foot, and end up telling a story that’s best fit shown among friends. That’s just not the case, I took the source of the material and created my own world. The L.N.S.A was the first novel I push the limits with, and continue to do. With Batman: Year One, I wonder if this would be possible, my mind set was about the diehard batman fans, what would they think? But, that’s the reason writers fall short from telling a good story, and pushing the limits.

Batman: Year One is aimed at everyone, it’s theirs to decided whether they like it or not. I took the series and made it my own, and re-tooled everything the way I wanted my Gotham to look like, how I wanted my Bruce Wanye, Carmine, and Batman to look like as well.


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