Jesse Abundis~ To Take On DRAGON BALL

Jesse Abundis is set to tackle the official Dragon Ball novel. It was a project that was bounced back and forth, but now seems that it got the green light.

Here’s what Jesse had to say. “ I’m a huge Dragon Ball fan. Writing a novel of it was my goal.  Writing Batman: Year One flexed my muscle, in writing fan fiction. I’ve always wanted to write a Dragon Ball novel, now I get to.  I think the retelling of the series is going to look amazing, I’ve been writing a script to Dragon Ball, in case the future should call for it. That’s how much of a Dragon Ball geek I am.

There is so much material from the series, that it’s an open ocean for a writer to explore. Dragon Ball, Doctor Who, Batman, and Shenmue are the only series I could ever see myself walking into. Because they have so much world to explore. And Dragon Ball is my childhood, I grew up watching the series at 5AM on KTLA, then the DBZ series all the way to the so so Dragon Ball GT. I know the legacy of Dragon Ball, at the same time I know the story needs a new spin. I know fans want to see what they saw in the anime, but I think novel format to anime will look different. And, there’s no way I want to jump right into DBZ. Let’s get the fans, and the people who’ve never experience series.”

The project is at work, as of now. When they’ll release is still up in the air, but a 2010 release date looks like the main target.

More information as Novel are put into place


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