Health Blog “ Dr. Ross”

OCT 1, 2010

Strange day, six patients have fallen ill to a strange new virus. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Patients are complaining of stomach aches, fever, and violent mood swings. I’m checking the medical journals to see if anything like this has been seen before. I was frighten when I treated one of the patient’s, I could have sworn one of them wanted to bite me.

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Should have slapped that bitch .. LOL X p

Mother nature

Oh my, is this something we should be worried about?


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It’s nothing to worry about, just meth heads. Move along people, nothing to see here.


Hey Sally, nice 😉

Day 2

Health Blog “ Dr. Ross “

October 2

Anyone reading this, I advise you to lock yourself in doors. This virus has spread, I’ve locked myself in my office until help arrives. The patients we admitted yesterday have gone mad. One of them bit into a nurses neck, she in return began to scream and attack her co-workers, she even chased down a doctor down the hall. I can hear people screaming and banging on the door for help.

If you read this, please escape from Los Angeles, run, or hide… oh Jesus they’re breaking in, it’s those fucking infected. Oh God, oh God.

Day 3

phone conversation

911 operator: 9-1-1.

Women: Please help me!

911 operator: Ma’am, calm down. What seems to be the problem?

Women: Are you fucking kidding me?

911: Ma’am , calm down.

Women: Does fucking infected are here!

911: Stay in your house, everything will be fine.

Women: They’re trying to kill my neighbor, my boyfriend ran out to help!

911: We’ll send a squad car, it should be there in ten minutes.

Women: Ten mintues?

911: Ma’am, keep your voice down or I will hang up on you.

Women: Someone’s in the kitchen ?

911: Run up stairs, lock yourself in your bedroom.

Women: Baby, oh god, you’re hurt. Ronnie show me, what happened? They bit you, Ronnie, Ronnie, look at me…. oh god, NO!  ( Struggle )

911: Ma’am, get out of there, run away!

Women: No, Ronnie it’s me, please someone help!

Day 4

My name is Alex Cruz, two days ago a virus hit Los Angeles. People started to go mad like rabid dogs. I saw one of my friends get bit by those infected. I saw him chase down his own girlfriend. I don’t know what happened, and I really don’t want to think about it.

From that day, I just ran and never turned back. I barricaded myself in some random house. There was no one inside, didn’t bother to look anyway. this house belonged to a white family whose on vacation, found a list of chores listed for the person who was in charge of keeping the house in tiptop shape.

1. Water The Plants Each Day
2. Pick up the news paper & Mail
3. Please Don’t Order Any Pay Preview , or Adult Material
4. Go wild on the liquor cabinet
5. You break, you pay 😉

Guess none of those is going to happen. Well, maybe number four. I sealed myself shut,  border the windows with anything I could find. I found a laptop  in the kids bedroom, and a stack of adult magazines, go figure. The Wi-fi was still working, thankfully. So far the news is saying whatever is hitting Los Angeles is a super flu and nothing more. Bastards, they don’t want the public to know what’s really happing, they might have a hand in all this. Curse them to hell.

I can hear those things running around, looking for new victims. I hope that help arrives soon. I wonder if my own mother and brother made it out of the city. I’m posting all over the internet about the truth, someone needs to know.

Day 5

– Journal Of   Shawn Boyle –

There wasn’t  much hope, nobody was coming to save us. We were on our own. My wife kept filling the children’s heads that help was around the corner, it never was.

I couldn’t let my family suffer, so, in the middle of the night while they slept, I murder them one by one. My wife put up a struggle, the little ones didn’t. They’re with god now, I’m here stuck in hell. I’ll receive my punishment soon enough.

I know whoever reads this might call me a monster. But, you haven’t seen the things I’ve seen. Those monsters bitting people, seeing your love ones turn into one of them. I saved my family that horror.

I’m about to walk outside and put things right. An eye for an eye. I wnder what happens when you become on of them, do you remember who you were, or does it all fade away?

to be continued…


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