Salvation Bio

Salvation was really created with an hour. It was my first stab at horror, I’ve never stepped into the genre before, It’s crossed my mind, but it never got off the ground. I was always fascinated in writing one, and I’m a huge fan of the Halloween series, with Michael Myers. Ever since I was a kid, because I think that was the bastard that hunted me in my dreams.  So, naturally that was the one story I was aiming as the project to take my first steps into horror. Didn’t end up happening,  I can’t really say why, just never had the ambition to do it.

One day, I have some free time on my hand and think about doing a zombie type story, I’m not really sure what to brand it zombie type or whatever. I wanted to tell this story in a different light, like I do with every project, I don’t want to simplify and hand something they’ve seen before. So, I took from the L.N.S.A and used that method in blog forum in the opening scene. This gives the reader a quick fast pace story, yet they’re embroiled in this madness that’s being describe to them, by the people stuck in the epic center of this unknown virus that has struck Los Angeles. Turning your own mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend into this blood thirsty animal.

I think, Salvation has come as a shock to me, seeing how well people have  taking this story, and are asking for more chapters. This story, was just something I felt that had so many roads to cross, it’s one of those stories that I know that there is so much story, that my time is well invested. I just didn’t know people would like it so much.

I can see the series growing even more, giving the reader the whole picture of this entire mess, I want the reader to know what happened, and what caused all this. And that’s why, I can see three more series that splinter after this one, taking place in the same days, but giving the reader a different look of the situation.

I think, the most important thing is to focus where this story should go now. I plan to take my time, and get deeper into the story. As for horror, I think it’s road I’ll cross down the road in the future, right now I’ll focus on Salvation, and the L.N.S.A , Batman: Year One. I have to stop taking more projects as it is, but, what can I say, I’m an addict when it comes to writing.


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