Doctor Who: Creating A Doctor Who, Not a David tennant

( New Doctor Who News!!!)

Creating your own Doctor Who, is a hard task in itself. I think fans of the series are no doubt tempted to replicate what they’ve seen before. The first Doctor to pop into many fans mind is David Tennant who plays the 10th doctor, he’s witty, smart, laughs at the face of danger. The list goes on and on.

I want to create a new Doctor, one that hasn’t been seen in the series. In my eyes, this is a whole re-start, I’m not going to start with the 10th, 9th, or 5th Doctor. I’m starting out with a brand new 1st Doctor. I really think, this is the best method to make this story mines. I always have that mind set, when I walk into a project, this is mine series.

I’m a huge fan of DT, and he’s the perfect model to what Doctor Who should be. And that makes me highly aware not to create a DT, because it would be selling this novel to short. I want the limits to be open.

I have four different Doctors in my mind,  how they act, and how they would fit into the novel. It’s still in the real early stages. I’m hoping to work on the Novel this December, right when Batman: Year One will be release but we’ll see. The Doctor Who Novels are set to release on 2012, which of course is the early release date. If I ever get done ahead of time, then it’s a given I’ll push for a late 2010, or early 2011.


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