Bang Bang Blame


Release Date: September 19, 2009

Bang Bang Blame is the first story that I’ve written that is soak and driven from reality, it’s one man, walking down his life, and trying to find out what it all means. Who is he, what is he. I think these are the questions we ask ourselves each day.

This story looks at the flaws of society, it’s not shocking, it’s just the truth.  This entire story to me, feels like an acid trip of an odyssey, so many things thrown at you, it’s hard to get your feet on the ground to  make sense of it all. That is why, Bang Bang Blame will always be treasured story to me, it’s open a new door in my life, which has me thinking of the endless possibilities of new stories being driven from real life.

Bang Bang Blame wouldn’t have seen the light of day, if I hadn’t pulled it out from the ashes, and start working on it again. B.B.B really marks a dark point in my life, not to say I wasn’t happy, but  I think it foreshadows the darkness and questions I had at some point in my life.

If you’ve read my Novel, “ L.N.S.A “ You know, I’m have feet grounded on comic book style type of writing and you know I’m not afraid to write a story into a different format that we’re not accustomed to reading,  It’s not me going against the law of how books should be written, it’s just me doing things I feel the book or novel should be written. You’ll see what I mean when you read  B.B.B

This is the first short story I’ve written in a long time. I’ve grown accustomed into writing novels, because I have the extra space to explain things. B.B.B explains itself quiet well given 26 pages.  I have so much to thank, Bang Bang Blame has opened new ideas to future shorts stories down the road. I hope you’ll read it when it comes out.


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