Dragon Ball Movie Script

Jesse Abundis Q & A OF THE

Release Date:  July 5, 2010

Q: How did this story come to be?

The Dragon Ball script became a hobby of mines to create after watching the film Dragon Ball: Evolution. I always wanted to  do something with the Dragon Ball franchise, around five years ago I wanted to work on an adaptation of a series of Dragon Ball Novels.  I played around with the idea, rolled around the hay with it. I ended up just putting it on the shelf and come back to it once I had a more interest invested in it.

With the release of the film, it brought my passion to push for a project. And by this time, I can truly say that I had better grasp on my ability. Despite the poor reviews, and the fans distaste for Dragon Ball: Evolution, I enjoyed the film. Surely the film has some major holes and flaws. I started to look around the forums, and saw a lot of fans saying “ They should do this, and that.”  I kept on thinking why not write a script of your own and show us what you got. So, the first thing to come to my mind, I should give a shot. Let’s write a script. And that’s how it came to be.

Q: What’s so different from your version to DB:E ?

Will there is one big change,  no Goku in high school. I found that to be a major problem in the film, it was as though we were watching Peter Parker. This retelling of the series starts way before Lord Piccolo,  there is so much story in the series, I don’t see the  reason to jump so quickly from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z in a span of one film. Let’s stick to the Dragon Ball story for right now, there’s a lot to explore.

The Red Ribbon Army is the main villain of this story,  as they search endlessly for the Dragon Balls to resurrected Lord Piccolo from the Jar Of Orion that has him sealed for 2,000 years.  The person I have to adore in this film has to be Danko, he’s an new character that’s been  added to the series with many others. But, Danko is this mean cold hearted son of bitch, that will do anything in his powers to get what he wants. He is Goku’s big first test. So, I admire Danko, he’s one of many foes that will come into Goku’s life shaping who he is.

I also think a major change I took is using the material, yet not following the route the Anime series went. I know some fans might think, you need to be true to anime series and manga. You never go against it, and that’s simply not true. A franchise like the Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight which were created by Christopher Nolan, really shows us what people can do, if they think outside the box. That’s what I’m shooting for with this script.

Q: Describe Goku for us

He’s goofy,  clueless, innocent  and loves to fight.  If there’s one thing I wanted to get right, it’s Goku. He is our hero, we’ve seen Goku in the anime and manga series. He’s not scared to take on adversary that’s 100x stronger than he is.  No matter what the odds, he is that kid that stands up to any evil, ready to face it head on.

Q: Is this what we’ll see in your version?

Yes.  I just couldn’t see Goku saying “ I can’t win, we can’t defeat these guys.” That’s not in Goku’s vocabulary. I also didn’t want to start Goku off the bat, as that super hero yet, he’s got a long road ahead of him. I want Goku to earn his strength.

Q:  How long is the script, roughly how many pages?

That’s one of the big issues, I know scripts are roughly around 140 pages or 150. I know the Dark Knight was 142 pages long, the way I’m going, I would say this Dragon Ball script, is going to be surpassing that. That’s given me the idea of creating two versions, the extended one, and the cut down version. Give the people two looks how the movie might look.

Q: Will we see a sequel to this script?

Maybe, I haven’t given that much thought of writing a sequel to it yet. I have lot a projects on the table. I still want to write a series of novels about Dragon Ball later in the future.


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