Batman: Year One


Release Date: December 1, 2009

Q: At the last Indie Revolution, you spoke about  a lot about Batman: Year One. It’s the 2nd annual Indie Revolution now, where is the story at now, is it finished?

Batman: Year One is at the Seventh Chapter, it’s not yet complete.

Q: Will this halt the release date?

Absolutely not. In fact I was pushing for an early release date, I was thinking of July 7th or 8th  to kick off the event with a blast.  I just cooled my jets, and thought of getting more chapters done before I even fathom the idea of an early release date. It’s an issue I wrestle with a lot on a daily basis.

Q: Let’s get down to the juicy part of this novel, characters! Who will we see?

Expect to see a lot of characters, the first person is of course Batman, Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, Carmine Falcone, Alberto Falcone, Gilda Madison, ( Harvey’s Dent’s  Girlfriend) Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth.

Q: Not a lot of comics cover Gilda ,Harvey’s wife in the Long Halloween, why bring  her in the story?

I always felt she was important part of the story, I think she was heavily underplayed. We all know Gilda turns out to be the murderous Holiday in the Long Halloween. Which only raises more questions, will Gilda also snap, and take her alter ego once again?

Q: Will she?

You have to read to find out.

Q:  I think it’s important to ask this question, though time and time again you’ve said no. Is the Joker in this story?

No, he is not.

Q: Why not?

I just  felt that bringing the Joker in Batman: Year One would be too soon. I wouldn’t let the character developed properly. The Joker is a writers wet dream, to work on someone like that, words themselves can’t describe it. But, I feel that Batman: Year One already has the right set of characters in place, adding the Joker would just overdue the whole thing.

Q: When can we meet the paled white face devil?

Maybe until five to six novels down the road.

Q: Are you kidding me?

( He just shrugs and ends with a wink. )

Q: You gave us the name of Characters that are a no brainier, they have to come out. But, what about other characters.  Who else comes out?

I don’t like to reveal a lot. So, I think I want to pass on this question,

Q: Please, can you drop two names?

Ok. Will one is Edward Nigma, the second Jonathan Crane.

Q:  So we get to see the Riddler  and Scarecrow take on Batman, in Year One?

That would be something.

Q: That’s not  a yes or no?

( He grins )

Q: You have come out saying, you want to make this story your own.  What does that mean?

I think fan fiction gets overlooked, because some writers tend to go what we’ve seen already. The Tim Burton look into stories, or a water down version of the comic book Batman. It’s hard not to get in the mind set, especially if you’re well educated on the franchise.  This is the BATMAN, he’s Batman for Christ sake. No one dares changed the outlook of the story.

But,  I’ve learned to let go of that. And retell this story in my own way.  I’m here to do something new, reinvent the franchise, even though no one is calling out for it ( laughter ) I’ll get the “ who the hell does this douche think he is”

I’ve studied the material back and fourth,  and then I reinvented into my own way.  Like the L.N.S.A has taught me, never hold back and tell the story it as I feel it should be.

Q: You’ve said in past post, that you would bring new characters, ones that haven’t been in the series before. Can we find out who they are?

Well, I’ll drop one name. And that’s Gloria Redfield, she was  character  in another Novel of mines, at first I didn’t want to even attempted to cross my own work with the Batman franchise, but seeing how I was making this my own, I threw caution to the wind and went with it.

Gloria works with the Gotham times, she’s a news reporter, one that’s tired of working as a low level columnist. So, she’ s digging in finding that one story that will send her to the top. I think her character works through greed. In the end, greed always ends up hurting oneself.  And this lesson is thrust upon Gloria

Q:  December 1, 2009, is the release date. I went through your old posts, you spoke about doing a Batman: Year One website, will that still be done, or is it out of the picture?

No. It’s going to be open soon. I plan to open it this November a month before the release date.

Q: What’s the purpose of the site?

To keep the fans of the Batman franchise and fans of Batman: Year One up to date.  And it feels right to open a site just for that novel, I don’t know why. I might do it to all my novels later. Pay homage to them.

Q: Once you’re done with Batman: Year One, what’s next?

I think, I’ll take time off from even thinking about Batman to recharge myself up, when I start writing a second novel.


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