Jesse Q & A

Release Date:  October 5, 2009

Q:  What is

It’s a interactive site, that runs parallel with the Novel  L.N.S.A

Q: So, it’s a new novel?

In a way it is and it’s not.

Q: How so?

The site will take place in our time, until the events in Jan 1, 2021. So, these people are telling a story of what’s happing right now, with the companies as we speak.

Q:  Can you give away, what we’ll see?

I can not.

Q:  The release date for the site was much sooner, what caused the delay?

The reason for the delay, was because I didn’t have a clear view of where I wanted it to go, and how I would handle the site. That’s changed completely.

Q: Will you stick to this new release date?

100%, October 5, 2009 is the release date.

Q: If anyone’s read the L.N.S.A this series has you wanting more, so many questions to character and this company. Will these answer our questions?

It might, and it also might leave you with more questions to answer.

Q: Will this site spoil any of the Novels secrets?

Nope, running in a different timeline, Those guys  in the Novel are way ahead of these people.


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