L.N.S.A Update


Los Ninos Sin Alma has taken a short pause for the time being, but it shall resume at full speed these coming months, with Jesse Abundis already writing 12 chapters in advance, the series will continue from July all the way to summer on next year.

Though Jesse does plan to make the L.N.S.A the main focus of everything  on October. He plans to finish Day 1 and release two or three chapters a month. This way the reader can finally know who’s behind it all.
Though Jesse refuse to give up anything on the L.N.S.A, calling it a “ The Best Well Kept Secret “ If anything will would be given up, he feels the story would lose the mystery it holds. Though he did say, that one or two would not ruin the series, he says the series has so much story and plot that the reader will have to keep guessing who they  can trust.

Right after the Indie Revolution, Jesse said the Chapter 1 of the LNSA would be release. He did say, he has re-release the title in some sites because he failed to keep the readers up to date on what’s going on.  But, now he plans to change that, and keep feeding chapter after chapter each month.


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