Batman: Year One ( Chapter 1)


Midnight, they come out like rats, each one craving their fix. People who would sell their own kids to prostitution just to feel the flick of nirvana the drug gives them. Pumping the poison into their veins, feeling the rush. While their kid is in the back seat of a strangers car, closing their eyes praying what’s happing to them is nothing but a nightmare, and that soon it will be all over. They’ll be back in bed, holding on to their stuff bear, Mom and Dad looking over them as they drifted off to some magical wonderland. How they cried and prayed.

It’s a common thing to see in Gotham, young children in the back alley being sold like a piece of meat. Some children putting themselves in that position just to feed their younger siblings, while Mother and Father were no where to be found. Drug users getting younger and younger, death becoming a common fashion trend.

The walking dead, that’s what the people of Gotham have label the lower class, knowing it wouldn’t be long until the venom that was spreading through out the city, caught up with them. No matter how hard they tried to fight, they would lose in the end, there was no hope for them, they were, as people call them, the walking dead.

No hope, just death . . . . .



January 2
Gotham Docks
9:30 PM

“ So, what do these Jap’s want ?” Leo Redmen, stood leaning against the black Toyota Corolla, as he stared out to sea.

“ They’re interested in conducting some business in Gotham. And my father being the saint he is, want’s to help. Of course, if they return the favor.” Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone, the most feared mob boss in Gotham city. Was on hand overseeing the business deal, his father had setup a deal with the Yakuza. Having an a business partner like the Yakuza, to peddle the drugs and weapons the Falcone family was shipping out on a daily basis would extend the family’s power beyond Gotham, which would make them a force to be reckon with.

“ Ain’t you a little over dress, Al?” Leo stared at the tuxedo Alberto was wearing.

“ This isn’t for them,” Alberto pulled a picture from his pocket, and passed it to Leo. “ It’s for her.”

Leo whistled, as he saw the beautiful red head, with the eye’s to die for. Leo couldn’t fight the notion that he’d seen her before. “ Al, I think I know this girl.” Leo said scratching his bald head.

“ She, is the beautiful actress Isabella Montas. I’m meeting her at a banquet later tonight.”

“ Is that right.” Leo handed the photo back to Alberto.

“ Some little shindig, Bruce Wayne is having tonight.”

Falcone’s men roamed the docks, making sure any unwanted visitors stayed away. Luckily the cops wouldn’t be a threat, with the Falcone family having it’s grasp over Gotham, the cops in this city were to scared and frighten to lay a finger on them. This city could be renamed “ Falcone City” and no one would object. That was power no one could buy.

“ Jesus, when is this snow going to end?” Leo kicked the snow under his shoes, “ With the small of the ocean and this crap, I’m not sure what I hate most.” Leo paced back and fourth, growing in patient. “ These guys, are taking their sweet time Al.”

Alberto looked at this watch, the Japs were five minutes late, he knew something was wrong. “ Call my father, change of plans.” Alberto order.

“ What, you think they backed out? ” Leo asked.

“ I’m not sure, just get a hold of him . . . “ Alberto saw the expression on Leo’s face, turn into a man who had just seen the devil himself.

“ Your friends are going be late, they ran into some trouble.” The deep voice called out from behind, before delivering a powerful sidekick to Alberto’s  head.

2:00 AM

Alberto Falcone, was the future heir to the empire his father had created. Seeing him behind the steels bars of prison was an eerie sight to behold.  It was the first time, anyone high up the Falcone crime family food chain had been seen behind bars. Ten years working in the force, and he would have never thought it to be true. It was a first for Sgt. Jim Gordon, though he didn’t expect Alberto to do much time behind bars. Carmine Falcone,  wouldn’t let his son or men do much time in the slammer.

“ What a sight it is,” Gordon felt the hard slap behind the back, from his good friend Anthony Chen. “ And look, Alberto even got dressed for this special occasion.”

“ So, whose funeral should I be attending this week.” Gordon asked, knowing the first fool to cross Falcone was going to end up dead.

“ Wasn’t us.”

Gordon sighed. “ Don’t tell me Dent got the Feds involved, if we know by now. .” Chen interrupted Gordon.

“ It wasn’t Dent or the feds Jimbo.”

“ Then who?”

Chen was hesitant in telling him, he just wouldn’t believe the story, hell even he was finding it hard to believe. “ It was a bat.”

Gordon chuckled. “ What?”

“ Some huge bat, came out of the shadows and jumped them. One of Falcone’s men,” Chen was snapping his fingers trying to think of the name. “ Leo, he won’t shut up about it. He keeps telling everyone, it was the Batman that did this.” Chen yawned, trying to shake off the drowsiness he was felling, after working the graveyard shift for five days straight. “ If you ask me, it’s just some guy in a cheap costume playing hero, whose going to find his nuts chop out, after Falcone finds him .”

Gordon firmly patted his friends shoulder. “ Go home and get some rest.”

Chen was reluctant to agree at first, but he knew Gordon had a point. “ I think you’re right, tell me how fast these guys get released. Me and the boys have a bet going on.”

Gordon just rolled his eyes at him. “ Just get out of here.”

The Gotham P.D were suppose to put people like Carmine Falcone and his goons behind bars, not keep them comfortable until they made bail. But the fear, and power that Falcone wield was enough to make any brave soul run into hiding. Some people tried to bring down Falcone in the past, each one either found a new permeant home in the bottom of Gotham Harbor. Or were convinced into looking at things a different perspective, one that paid well and one that allowed them to keep their lives. In the end it was the same story, the good guys lost and the bad guys win.

“ This person has to be out of his mind, going against Falcone is pointless. It’s his city, not ours.”  Just like the rest, Jim Gordon had given up hope. To him, there was no chance of saving Gotham.

Phone Conversation

Carmine: I want the son of a bitch dead!

Roy: We’ll find him.

Carmine : You better.

Roy: Look, first we’re going to get your boy out of prison. Then we’ll deal with the son of a bitch responsible for this whole mess.

Carmine: What did they see.

Roy: They saw. . .

Carmine: Tell me.

Roy: Leo said, it was a bat.

Carmine: A what?

Roy: A giant bat.

Carmine: What about the others?

Roy: Same thing boss.

Carmine: So they got attacked by a giant bat?

Roy: Well, a Batman.

Carmine: Batman?

Roy: Yes, sir.

Carmine: So, some freak in a costume jumped my son and my men?

Roy: . . .

Carmine: Jesus fucking Christ.

Roy: Sir, what do we do about the Yakuza? They’re pissed.

Carmine: I’ll fix that problem. You just find that costume freak and put a bullet between his eyes.

Roy: Yes, sir.


Vigilante or Hero?
BY: Sam Rivers

For the past three nights, a bat or the Batman. As his victims have called him, has struck at the Falcone Empire, giving this mask avenger the title hero by some of the people in Gotham. Though, to Commissioner Leslie Maywood, the Batman is nothing but a vigilante.

Ms. Maywood was quoted saying “ This Batman, is not a hero, despite popular belief. The Gotham P.D well not stand by, while this vigilante roams around Gotham, putting people lives at risk. He needs to know, there are laws, and they are there for a reason, no man is above them. Even the Batman.”

Despite the fact, the Batman has delivered the Gotham P.D some of the most notorious of Falcone’s men. Some responsible for countless of murders, and killings of to distinguish advocates against the corruption in Gotham.

Three days ago, Alberto Falcone was the first victim of the Batman, he and his men were arrested while conducting a business deal with members of the Japanese crime organization the Yakuza. I tried to get more detail about this alleged deal, but Gotham P.D has denied that such a deal was taking place.

The biggest shocker to the citizens of Gotham, was when, Alberto Falcone was released from their custody in a matter of hours. A spokesmen for the Gotham P.D Stated that  “ there was inefficient evidence to hold Alberto, and at this moment he is a victim from a brutal assault.” The spokes men did clarify one thing. “ I want the citizen of Gotham to know, that releasing Alberto Falcone, has nothing to do with the recent rumors of corruption in the police force. The Gotham P.D works to protect and sever the citizens, not Carmine Falcone.”

The question still remains, is the Batman a vigilante or a hero? I guess that’s a question for the people to decided. But, with Gotham in it’s darkest moment, perhaps this mask vigilante is the one that can save Gotham from despair.

Luis Restaurant
10: 00 AM

“ Save Gotham, these people think, this freak is there beacon of hope. HA! “ Salavorte slammed the news paper on the table. Annoyed with the sudden press the Batman was receiving.  “ I oughtta shoot the guy who wrote this crap.”

For the past two days, the Batman had brought nothing but panic around the crime families in Gotham. For now, the Batman was striking only at the heart of the Falcone family. But, you would have to be a fool, not think Batman wouldn’t set his sights, on the other families soon. On the other hand, the Batman was doing them a favor for the time being, by taking out Carmine Falcone, this meant more business for Marnoi Family. Which was seeing there profits rise after the recent events that had occur the past days.

“ I say we find this Batman, and hang him.” Salvatore Maroni youngest brother Paul, was the most concern about this issue. And being the dark head little devil he was, he wanted nothing more but to tear the insides of the Batman. “ Give me a week, I’ll find him.  I’ll gut him alive, and I’ll make sure he regrets ever putting on that costume.”

Salvatore admire his brothers hunger for violence, the boy was willing to get his hands dirty no matter what, like their father Lugi said. “ This boy has the demon inside him.”  Though all the four Maroni brothers had a little demon inside them, each one ready to take on a challenge. But Paul, he something darker, something that would make him into stark raving lunatic. A unique gift that helped the family in many tight situations.

“ That’s it champ, you keep that up. When the time comes, I want you to murder the son of a bitch. “ Slavatore motioned for the waiter to come, “ But, for now let’s enjoy some breakfast, we’re in a nice restaurant. Let’s forget about the whole Batman thing.” Sal and Paul, were eating in Luis’s Restaurant. A nice little hot spot for any member of the Maroni family, to relax and get some good food in their bellies. At the same time, getting pamper like a God. Then again only a fool would dare refuse and disrespect anyone from the Maroni’s, especially in there territory.

“ I’m going to kill him, I’ll make this Batman scream.” Paul Maroni said as the waiter came.

Subject: The cool kids
From: Lonelygirl@gmail

The cool kids are starting to talk about you. You should really get to know them better, try introducing yourself to Sal and Paul real soon, they’ll love you.

Love ya

Phone Conversation
5:30 PM

Leslie: We had nothing, we couldn’t detain him.

Harvey: That’s bullshit, and you know it.

Leslie: No, it’s the truth Harvey.

Harvey: Don’t feed me the same bullshit, you do to the public.

Leslie: What does that mean?

Harvey: You know damn well, what that means.

Leslie: We’re clean, we’ve got nothing to hide.

Harvey: I want to believe that.

Leslie: If you got something to say, then say it.

Harvey: I know things, have gotten rough Leslie, but this Batman has given us the golden opportunity we need.

Leslie: . . .

Harvey: We can stop it, stop the corruption.

Leslie: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Harvey: So I see Falcone has you bought.

Leslie: How dare you !

Harvey: How dare I, because I know you covered up that deal with the Yakuza.

Leslie: There was no deal.

Harvey: Don’t lie to me.

Leslie: I’m not.

Harvey: I’m giving you one last chance, to come clean.

Leslie: . . .

Harvey: Now tell me the truth.

Leslie: I have nothing to hide Mr. Dent.

Harvey: Unbelievable. So I assume you and goons are going to take out the Batman.

Leslie: Goons?

Harvey: Oh, did that slip.

Leslie: The Mayor wants this vigilante off the street, and we plan to do so.

Harvey: Damn you.

Leslie: Mr. Dent, If you want to stop this man hunt, then take it up with the mayor. For now this conversation is over.

– Call Ended-

“ I believe in Harvey Dent.”

January 19
1: 35 AM
The Narrows

“ Please, let me go I have two kids.” Margert Lewis cried as she was pined down on the cold wet cement floor. The blaring train above drowned out her screams for help. “ I’m begging you, don’t hurt me, they need me.”

Her attacker was a man with long brown hair, courted teeth, a slumped forehead and a giant in stature. His right hand ran up and down her body, while his left hand was wrapped tightly on her neck. His eye’s glared down on his victim enjoying her weakness. “ What will you offer me in return? “ He chuckled and licked his lips waiting for her to answer.

“ Myself,” She slowly lifted her dress. “ Do what you want, but just let me go. I swear nobody has to know, I promise you. Please.” She quivered with fear.

He scoffed at her, as she offered herself to him. “ You tempt me with your flesh,“  He chuckled heavily, the stench from his breath was horrendous each time he spoke.  “ Your flesh means nothing to me, it’s your screams that I want. “ His grip tighten around her. “ And I will have them.”

“ Who are you?” Margert cried, kicked , and scream as she fought to escape her attacker. But, it was no use.

“ My name, is Solomon Grundy !”

January 20
Heartbreaks Club
12: 30 AM

It started off as a job to pay for her college tuition, working as a bartender at the Heartbreaks Club, just until she was done with her studies. But, each month that passed Gilda found herself attached to the little jazz club that was on the out skirts of Downtown Gotham, nearing the slums. Many well know jazz musicians had traveled to grace HBC in it’s life time. From such artist as Billie Holiday, Miles Daves, George Benson ,and Ella Fitzgerald. Many of the famous musicians still arrived from time to time, but not as they used to. Gotham reputation was thriving out business. To Gilda, this small club was more then a job. It became apart of her. Even through the tough times, she refused to let it go.

HBC was Gotham’s hidden gem, people who drove by each day had no idea that it existed. At first glance it appeared to be a run down bar with nothing to offer. But, looks were deceiving. Only the jazz audacious knew of the club existence and the occasional lucky dope who walked in, hoping to find mischief.

Gilda’s own parents never approved of her lifestyle, seeing so much potential in her, and knowing she settle with a job that paid her to serve drinks, and wait on drunks disappointed them. In her entire career working at the HBC they never once set foot in Gotham, unwilling to accept her profession. And though some would fight frantically for their parents approval, Gilda could care less, it was her life to live, not theirs.

The job itself, allowed her to meet the man she fell head over heels for. He was a usual costumer, handsome young man with blond golden hair, always ordering his usual martiny. Gilda would always tease him for it “ You are aware that there’s other drinks.” He would just nod casually and smile. “ You’re very predictable. Some girls love a man with a sense of adventure.”

“ Is that right?” He said rasing an eye brow. “ I could have sworn, that women were into the same old same old, are you sure they’re not into that ?”

“ No they’re not.”

“ Well, how do you know?” He asked.

“ Well, as it turns out, I’m a woman and I should know.”

He slumped forward, looking back and forth. “ So, you like a guy with some sense of adventure?”

“ I do.”

“ well, then let’s put that to the test,” He cracked his fingers. “ Go on a date with me.” Gilda almost drop the shot glass she was cleaning. “ Did I catch you off guard?”

“ No, not at all. I just love to fumble with these shot glasses” Gilda was never good with out of the blue proposals. She tried to find an excuse to say no. “ I would love to go out, but, I hardly know you.”

“ Well, get to know me. I’m a very interesting person. Like for instants, I’m a member of a fan club dedicating to short-circuit.”

Gilda didn’t know what to say, she bit on her lower lip trying to think on what to do. “ Okay, but,” she warned him.” If you pull anything weird, I’ll aim for your balls.”

“ Fair enough.” He said with a grin. “ I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The movie they went to see was god awful, the dinner was mediocre, and the rain ruined a wonderful night. Despite the fiasco, he managed to keep her smiling and laughing through out it all. That had been over a two years ago, and that same man that had won her over. Walked into the HBC with a dozen red roses, and that same boyish smile. “ Well, look what the cat dragged in.” Gilda fixed him his ususal. “ So, are you done saving Gotham Mr.Dent?”

Harvey rolled his eye’s, knowing Gilda was poking fun at him. Since the appearance of the Batman, people began to spread rumors who this masked vigilante might be. And knowing Dent was the only ray of light that dared to define the Carmine Falcone empire, people assume he was the man in black. Which was completely untrue, he was just the District Attorney who refused to give into corruption. “ I am done for today, so, I wanted to visit my number one girl.”

“ You’re cheating on me, you bastard.”

“ Never.”

“ Turn around.” Gilda instructed Harvey, he did as he was told. “ You’re lucky you got that ass, because if you didn’t I would be so pissed right now.”

“ The very same ass, that got me into the position I am now.”

“ I thought it was your charm?” Harvey walked over to Gilda, place the roses on the counter. Leaned in and kissed her. “ I would have bet my left arm it was your charm.”

Harvey held Gilda tightly against himself. He was desperate to get away from the job, and just nestle with her. “ These would be for you.” He hand her the roses. “ What do you think?”

“ Harvey, you shouldn’t have.”

“ Now, what kind of man would I be if I didn’t bring flowers?” Harvey asked, but quickly withdrew the question, “ Never mind, don’t answer that.” Knowing Gilda would come back with some funny wise crack.

“ Darn, you know me to well.” She pouted

Harvey took a look around the empty club. “ Did I come during closing time?”

Gilda sighed “ I wish. No, this is the rush hour.”

“ What happened?” He asked

“ The Batboy happened.”  Gilda said, with a bit of distaste.

Harvey corrected her. “ Batman.”

Gilda didn’t seem to care. “ Sure he started to take the law into his own hands, put a couple of punks behind bars, but that hasn’t put the people of Gotham minds at ease.  People have been keeping clear of here Harvey. And it’s not because they have something to hide, it’s because people are preparing for the war that’s going to break out in the streets of Gotham.”

“ Not if I do my job right.”  Harvey jumped quicky to respond. “ I won’t let anything happened to anyone. The mob is going to have to go through me first.”

“ So, Gotham has another crime fighter. Will you be wearing a mask as well?”

“ I don’t need one.”

Gilda held back her emotions, unwilling to show him how much she worried about him, that each day she waits when they’ll tell her something fatal has happened to him. “ I would be less worried if you did.” She put the roses aside, and began cleaning the counter out of nerves.

“ Gilda,” Harvey grab her hands gently, reinsuring her that there was nothing to be worried about. “ Change is coming, there’s finally a sherd of hope on the streets. This is our chance to make things right, we can save Gotham.”

Gilda refused to look Harvey in the eyes. “ I don’t care.”

“ How can you say that? “

She looked up at him “ If the price of saving Gotham is your life, then I don’t want it.”

Harvey didn’t know how else he could reinsure Gilda that nothing would happen to him. The easy way out, would be to tell her that she was overreacting. But, being District attorney did put a target on his back, ever since he was appointed, threats on his life had been made. Luckily none of them carried out. Falcone had his grasp on the city, any cases taken to court always ended quickly with his men walking out free.

Harvey knew people who were bought by Falcone, and worked with them on a daily basis. Co-workers who encouraged him to take a taste, and give up his pursuit on cleaning the streets. He was tempted at times to abandoned what he believed in to make a healthy profit. But, his conscious wouldn’t allow him to. No matter how bad he felt the urge to.

With the occurrence of the Batman, all eye’s began to wander on Dent. A man who remained clean from the corruption and a hunger for change, someone who would pose a threat to the underground belly of the crime syndicate . Which in return might cause people like Falcone to start carrying out assassination hits, to make examples of those who dared think of standing in their way. “ I’m not going to let anyone harm come to us, babe.”

Gilda began to cry. “ You had to drag me along.” She smiled playfully.

“ Of course, I would never dream of going down alone.”

Gilda slapped him gently on the chest. “ You’re a bastard.” She leaned in, and kissed him refusing to let go. “ Please look after him.” Gilda prayed hoping if there was a god, that he would protect Harvey.

January 20
12: 30 AM
The Narrows

“ Double check, I want everything to go down without a hitch. The Yakuza won’t give us a second chance.” Alberto Falcone, paced back and forth around the warehouse, scratching his head, and rubbing his hands nervously. “ I want everyman to keep their fucking guard up, the Batman won’t be making a sound. Tell them to keep their eyes on the shadows.” Alberto pulled a cigaret out of his pocket, lit it up and took a small puff to clam his nerves. It wasn’t doing the trick, so he brushed back his slick black hair, adjusting his glasses finding someway to control himself.

“ Relax Al, we’ve got everything covered from head to toe.” One of his men assured him.

“ It better be, “ Alberto flicked his cigaret. “ We can’t afford any fuck ups. We’ve taken a hit these past weeks, this fucking Bat is driving away business.”

The warehouse garage doors began to open. Falcone’s men, quickly began to surrounded the area as members of the Yakuza entered, with their own heavily armed escort. Each one equip with semi-automatic weapons. “ Alberto Falcone, I presume.” Out of the pack of men, a short bald Japanese gentlemen with dark sunglasses walked to shake Alberto’s hand, as the garage closed behind them.

“ You are correct.”  Alberto reinsured him

The man carried a switchblade in his left hand, it was barley visible. “ My name is, Ryo,”  They shook hands. “ I was sent by my associates to over see this deal.”

“ What happened to the first guy?” Alberto wonder.

“ A broken jaw. And he’s afraid to set foot in Gotham, after what happened.”

“ What about you, Ryo, are you afraid? “

” Afraid of what ?” He took off his dark sunglasses.

“ Of the Batman.”

Ryo chuckled loudly, his voice echoed through the warehouse. “ I laugh at this man running around in a child’s costume pretending to be a hero. Matter of fact, my associates are not pleased that you and your father are having difficulties in dealing with this kind of nuisance. It makes them rethink this partnership.”

“ Is that right ?” Alberto bit on his lower lip, trying to suppress his anger.

“ How can they do business with a man, that can’t take care of one vigilante that posses no threat?”

Alberto looked at Ryo’s armed escort and pointed the obvious. “ Then, why bring this many well armed men?

He replied in a bitter , yet embarrassing tone. “ Just in case if… ,“ the words fought to come out of his mouth. “ The Batman shows up.”

“ Ain’t no one crashing this party.” Falcone’s armed guards reinsured them both. “ It’s going to take more then a guy with wings to get through us.”

In that instant three flash bangs came crashing through the warehouse windows, “ He’s here! “ Alberto Falcone shouted in sheer terror, his eye’s widen in panic as he saw the flash bangs explode. A bright white flashed engulfed the room with an earth rattling sound, that deafen them. But the worst was yet to come, a second later the warehouse garage was plowed into by sheer force, from a vehicle that resembled a tank. “ God, no, it can’t be ?” Alberto yelled unable to get to his feet, the rest of his of men had been dazed and knocked out cold from the sheer force of those flash bangs. It was over for Alberto and his men.

Phone Conversation
1:35 AM

Harvey: Yeah?

Maxwell: What are you up to?

Harvey: Having a drink with a wonderful woman.

Maxwell: Well, you better put that on hold and haul ass to the narrows.

Harvey: What’s going on?

Maxwell: Our bat friend just gave us a clear win.

Harvey: Who and what?

Maxwell: Alberto, and the the Yakuza clients. Gotham P.D won’t be able to cover this up.

Harvey: I’m on my way.

– Call Ended –

Phone Conversation
January 26
10:00 PM

Roy: We’ve been having a slight problem.

???: Slight is an understatement. I hear Carmine wasn’t able to bail his boy of the slammer this time.

Roy: We know you’re the best, well second to Victor.

???: Yeah, but Victor is dead. So, that makes me top dog.

Roy: That it does. We need you to get rid of our bat problem.

???: How much for the contract ?

Roy: One Million.

???: Sounds decent.

Roy: Can you resolve this issue?

???: I’ll find this guy before you know it, and I’ll toe tag him.

Roy: We need you to come alone, we can’t risk the Batman finding out we’ve paid a hitman…

???: Hey, a hitman is some no talent hack you hire on craigslist, I’m a professional assassin.

Roy: Forgive me, profession assassin to deal with him.

???: This guy is a tricky bastard, he’s a creature of the night.

Roy: He is very unpredictable.

???: I’ll the roam the streets, get into his shoes, and find his weakness.

Roy: That’s what I like to hear, Deadshot. Don’t fail us.

– Call Ended –


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