Batman: Year Two

Q&A with Jesse

Release Date: TBD

Q: I think the biggest question, will there be a Batman: Year Two ?

I would love to work on the second novel right away, but I’m holding back on even confirming that I will work on the second novel.  I think for any writer, when you have a project you want to see the feedback you get from the first one, even before you start working on a second.  It’s hard for me not to even  hold myself back from writing the second Novel, the way it’s planned out, there is so much in-depth story to be told.

Q: Let’s throw this out there, what if this novel tanks, will we see an end of the series of the novel?

The funny part about writing, is that you’ll always run into a mix reaction to everyone’s work. But, if Year One turns out to be hunk of junk, which I know it won’t ( laughs) I might be pushed back and maybe reopened down later in the future, reborn in a different way.

Q: So, you’re determine to work on the Batman Franchise either way?

Of course. It’s been a long life dream of mines to create something in my own image for the Batman series.

Q: What would be different in Year Two, than Year One?

Very good question.  Year One, is the first time Batman comes to Gotham, in the second year Batman has become somewhat of a common face in Gotham. And you can expect to see some odd balls coming into Gotham.

Q: Somewhat of a common face ?

I still think the Dark Knight is still a mystery to these people.  I think more questions will be asked about who he is?

Q: Any characters we can expect to see?

Seeing how I haven’t written Year Two yet, I don’t want to reveal the characters.

Q: Do you know where it will go, despite not even writing the second novel?

Of course. I have four novels and plots already planned out after Year Two.

Q: Four Novels?

Well, the four novels are clear as day to me. I have three more after those planned out as well, but I’m still playing around with them.

Q: What will the release date be for Year Two?

I don’t want to give a release date, that’s not going to hold. I’ve made it a habit to stick by the dates I’ve given my projects. I always felt, if I’m going to do Batman: Year Two, I might as well do the next Batman novel following it. So, I would take two years in doing both projects.  Then once I have a few chapters under me, I would go right ahead and slap a date one it.

Q:  What’s the tone for the Batman: Year Two ?

A darker tone, more than the first and a changing of the guard in Gotham.

Q: One last question, any possible villains for Year Two?

Trust me, I would love to reveal them. But, If you read Year One,  that should answer some questions.


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