Batman: Year One ( Progress Update)


So, where am I on Batman: Year One, well I’m at Chapter 7.  The longest chapter I’ve written, 48 pages to be correct and growing.  In my mind, I feel like chapter 7 is the main chapter as it beings to challenge  the characters and test their faiths. It will show them how human they are when evil rears it’s face.

I know when I started this novel, that the seventh chapter would be the mother of all chapters, it’s at the end and half way to the new Novel Batman: Year Two.

I really want to keep you guys updated seeing how this December,  Batman: Year One is hitting the web.  The novel isn’t complete, but it’s at 60%.  I really not looking to drag this novel for a whole year, if I have the chapters ready to ship, they’ll hit the web much quicker. With Seven Chapters ready, we could see them all out by April of 2010. I want this Novel to be  complete and out by July. Fingers crossed of course.

I’ve been talking to Gwen, who wants to do another Q&A about Batman: Year One, a hard hitting one. That pushes me to the limits, her words of course. That Q&A will might be out sometime soon. I’ll keep you updated if anything new breaks out.


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