( Bang Bang Blame ) This September 1st

Bang Bang Blame

It just started with a few paragraphs , just a chunk of a story with no ending or a beginning it was just a running thought and nothing more. I didn’t revive Bang Bang Blame, until some time in May,  I think, and started to work on it once again.

The start of the story itself, really sets the tempo of where I’m going. This is one story, that will take a look on life and how we sometimes refuse to acknowledge the truth that is staring  us in the face.  I like to look at this, as an acid trip of reality, because I think a lot of us still have the illusion of a normal life, when normal is really just one easy way of saying ” repressed individuals”

This is the first story that I’ve taken a real life experience and crossed them into the world of Bang Bang Blame, questions that I’ve asked myself and wonder if it will happen if I allowed myself to believe the lie. This is one story that will point the flaws and the stupidity of human life and it’s retarded children. Hate to use such bold words, but it’s a way I look at things.

Bang Bang Blame is set to release this September 1st,  I really hope you all get to read it when it comes out.

Your Frined



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