Censorship always seems like an easy way to repress the art, when it comes to literature, music,  film-making, painting and so on. It forces people to watch what they create because of these walls that are in place. I strongly believe an artist should never hold back,  never restrict your art or you imagination. The moment we do, we end giving the last of the freedom we enjoy in life.

For the people who blame video games and the Internet for all the wrong in the world and how their ” Children” have been turn into failures. Your just covering up the crummy job you did as a parent. I refuse to believe one kid who plays an adult game will turn into some lowlife who ends stealing and mugging people. For that to happen, that kid has to be living in a broken house to begin with. Congress men and women who preach all day and night on how we need tighter laws. Try stopping the things that are really hurting society. But, I’m assuming it’s easier to bash on the art then it is solving the real issue on hand.

I think the future generation, will have a open view on things, and not let censorship get in the way of their creatively. That still doesn’t mean there won’t be that group of idiots who assume everything dealing with sex and violence should be wipe out of the face of the earth. Censorship is a never ending battle, a battle an artist must always face. Even those who have the casual blog that discuss the real issues, you can’t and should not let anyone take your right to speak.

Silents means security and approval, but what are we giving up if we allow that to happen? If one stops, soon the rest follow, we’ve seen this in the media of today. Where news groups are begging to side with politico parties to please their group and putting the people last.  This is why the Internet itself has become a tool of the future allowing people to show and speak the truth without people censoring their words and views. We the people have a voice, a true voice now that allows us to say what we want from where we want. It’s given us a new breed of artist, allowing some poor kid, to tell a story, where ten years ago no one would have read.

Censorship will always be rearing it’s head, and it’ll be up to us all to stand our ground in keeping the art safe from it’s grasp. It’s a reason why I created the website, no one will censor my work, I’m free to do what I want. An indie arist, indie forever.


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